Samples & Extras

Here is where you will find sample packs which you can make up and which I have chosen for those who are flummoxed by the amazing choice!  Each sample is a 1/32 of an ounce (.92 milliliter) glass vial with a plastic wand cap. They are good for up to 4 or so applications of the perfume oil depending on the amount which you use each time.And I throw in 2 extras for free based on what I think you will like!

I have not included an option to choose a sample under each individual perfume category because you can end up wanting to try a lot of samples for a lot more money than it would cost you to buy a 6 pack, so in the interests of keeping your charges as sane as possible, I am listing samples this way.

Also, I do sell Euro Dropper Caps which allow only one drop of perfume to escape at a time. A great way to manage your stash of precious Possets.

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