Boudicca's wishlist

Looking for a Posset? List 'em here. One thread per person please and thanks!

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Boudicca's wishlist

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Valentines 2015 - - Too late!
Pre Raphealite Seductress
Lavender Girl
My Lover's Lips?

Permanent Possets to buy eventually:
Capezzoli di Venere
Death (once I run out of froppets; so happy I have quite a few of these)
Silver Sandalwood (need to try a poppet first, actually)
Texas (I always forget how much I like this one)

For Retour:
3 1/2 Horsemen of the Apocalypse (yes, more)
Ara the Altar
Damned if you Do
Gelato: Blood Orange
Lipstick on the Eggnog Carton
Meat Candy

Also interested in Gingerbread Houses, anything Great of Babylon, pretty much any Cambienne and Kittehs!
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