katiushka's wishlist

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katiushka's wishlist

Post by katiushka »

To Try:

- Silver Orange
- Dominions
- Silver Lavender
- Arc of Venus
- Sweet Baby
- Arrival of Queen of Sheba
- Reason
- Id (chocolate, lavender)
- Florida

- Winter - Vivaldi
- Eine Kleine Nachtmusik
- Viking Queen
- La Gioconda
- Pre-Raphaelite Seductress
- Swoon
- The Kiss
- Lavender Girl

Definitely Want:
- Moon (use up sample first)
- Venus Black (use up sample first)
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Re: katiushka's wishlist

Post by fabienne »

I am planning on asking the website fellow to provide us with our own wishlists. :smi:
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