wishes of a woodenmango

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wishes of a woodenmango

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Permanents to try

Fascinator (two musks, sandalwood, and a small amount of cedar and rosewood)
Fire Flakes (silvery camphor, narcissus an element of fern, Arabian musk. A drop of chocolate liquor)
Hwah-teh's Mouse (green musk, blue musk, and white musk, lime, catnip)
Lord Byron- She walks in beauty like the night..(black oude, a musk which only has a number not a name, sandalwood, artemisia, rue, Arabian White Oude, pettigrain, elimi, silk essence, black tea)
Nefretiti and Ahkenaten
Nuut the Sky Goddess
Quinacridone Scarlet
Sex in a tree
Silver Chypre
The Great Psychiatrist of Babylon
The Temptress (A pink musk, sweet musk, a brush of lavender (Bulgarian), a bit of fern, amber musk)
Theodora (musk (both black and red), tears of frankincense, tears of vanilla, sandalwood, vetiver and myrrh, a kiss of 'nard. Kiss of oude.)
Venus Black (Blackest musk, black pepper, a shot of dark sweet pear, sage and non-stinky narcissus for tingle)
Zubeneschamali (dry, spicy, Musky)

Permanents I need more of

Arabian Dance of the Nutcracker
Arizona: Sage and Honeycomb
Issota and Sigismundo
Over The Rhine
Sweet Arabia

Seasonals I need more of

Romping Skyclad
Jordan the Goat
Venus of Wildendorf

Seasonals I want to try * indicates scents that I would jump on if they came up on retour

3:5:8 (black musks , A gleaming DRY smokey vanilla, a very light dusting of precious jasmine)

Alchemical Gold (lighter Chinese sort of incense. cardamom, hawthorn, tagates and a bit of thyme)

Apep the snake god

Black River (resins and deep incense combined with dark velvety vanilla wood)

Charles Baudelaire--Les Fleurs du Mal (sage, paper, honey, lime)

Cupid and Psyche: (Sweet black vanilla and finest Mexican vanilla dance with DARK patchouli and end up on a bed of incense)

Dank (sweetbriar, root oils particularly vetiver and ginger. There is a splash of booze and a few autumn plums)

Duat: (blackest vanilla combines with the scent of earth (not the loamy sort but more flinty), a bit papery and with the fragrance of the last bits of light and incense)

Earth Touch: (Earth and three sandalwoods)

Envious Pink (Pink sugar and a good sharp shot of lime combine with a surprising sting of nettle that settles down to an almost marshmallowy dry down)

Ergot (Warm wheat scent from the sun, a sparkle of an invading virus (which is a touch of wine in this case) blended with a comforting bakery scent and a bit od sugar frosting)

Evil Eye (ginger, smoke from the sacrificial fire laden with tears of frankincense and copal)

Fygmalion: (Fig layered with creamy fig, a shot of astringent fig, with a captivating fig musk, set against a backdrop of deepest fig)

Havoc: (banana, sandalwood, black carnation, and black musk )

Ka the soul (Red Egyptian Musk smooths, two types of incense and a bit of celery (!) for tang. A kiss of lemon zest and white musk)

Lancelot ( no notes listed)

Liquid music (. Grapefruit, spice and Black Musk )

Liquid Tinsel ( sugar, fir, a hint of peppermint)

Ilicit affair (Clove and sandalwood, Nubian Musk and tabac)

Mint Tea:(grapefruit, a hint of camphor and a tiny bit of a part of honey (not honey but a part of the scent of honey)

Nigel: ( fir around his fur but a heart which is pure candy and nuts)

Opulentia (Peach and carnation, a bit of crystal musk and a very small amount of ginger)

Perpetual Motion Heart: (driest vanilla ever with a distinct brass note! luan wood extract, copra (dried coconut), dry vanilla liquor, a white agar note, and hellebore)

Point (pink grapefruit, a bright skin musk, an incense-like and glowing "cool resin" kind of a special Indian "green oude")

Quantumn Interconnect ( black amber, black musk, black lavender, black coffee, black oude, black tea)

Romping Skyclad (Fir and patchouli, crystal musk)

Ship of fools (Aquatic, Leather, Lime, Faux Ambergis)

The Knight (the softest leather combines with a drop of tobacco flower and fern)

Whirlwind of lust: (Black, sticky, ripe fig, cocoa nib liquor, blackest musk, strong almost choking smokey incense, a float of tears of frankincense and a jigger of bourbon)

White Tea

Notes I love: Benzoin, bergamot, carnation, clove, earth, fig, fir, frankensence, ginger, grape, grapefruit, incense, leather, lime(!), musk, oud, peach, raspberry, paper, patchouli, sage, sandalwood

Iffy notes : amber, apples, aquatics, cassia, cedar, chocolate, currant, honey, lemon, pomegranate, tea, vanilla (especially bourbon), vetiver

notes that dont like me: Buttery notes, caramel,, cream, green/leafy notes, pumpkin, rose, jasmine, most florals
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