Gingerbread Opium Den

Ingredients can disappear and that means that the Possets which are made from those ingredients must disappear also. These are the blends to which we have to make a fond farewell.

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Gingerbread Opium Den

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Smells like the Whorehouse is on fire but in a Good way of course:coldshower: absolutely wonderful
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Re: Gingerbread Opium Den

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Even though this is discontinued, I'm adding the Possets' description so we have it for the forum.

Description: "Oh noes! What now? Those darned gingerbread heathens are going to town in an opium den? Shocking! The gingerbread of the gods and opium as we have come to know the pleasures of the poppy and how it smells in the perfumer's trade. Luscious, intoxicating addicting."
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