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Re: Book of the Dead-Halloween 2012 reviews

Posted: Tue Oct 09, 2012 5:55 pm
by tarayvonne
The 7 Gates of the House of Osiris

Possets description:
A beautiful amber infused blend with a good spell of labdenum, a subtle incense, and a caramel-like resinous amber which is unlike any that I have ever used before. This is a special blend which is simple but elegant and deep with a sweetish overcast. The sort of thing you would wear if you wanted to impress someone of how devishly attractive you are. Great for seduction when you need to be quietly noticed.

Dried down about 10 minutes on my skin:
For me this is amber more than anything else, with a quiet backdrop of labdenum and a hint of incense with a sweetness that isn't toothache inducing. I'm sad to note that this seems to be fading fast. The opening reminded me of Feral or The Temptress a little (if I remember correctly), somehow in the same vein as those two perfumes but with amber if anyone's tried them. It smells good but I think it might lack staying power or strength-something. Could be my skin so hopefully others have more luck with strength.

Re: 7 Gates of the House of Osiris

Posted: Thu Oct 11, 2012 11:49 am
by tarayvonne
Oops, never mind, she changed her mind again.

Re: 7 Gates of the House of Osiris

Posted: Fri Oct 12, 2012 4:29 pm
by hill78
This is very pretty indeed! The sweetness is mild, nothing overwhelming. I only get a hint of the labdenum, on me this is primarily soft amber and incense. This is indeed an elegant and "mature" (not old ladyish in the least, but not girly at all). Stays very close to the skin.

Re: 7 Gates of the House of Osiris

Posted: Sat Oct 13, 2012 6:09 pm
by Maya
In the bottle: I get a touch of sweetness, a hint of incense, and a note that I am thinking of as orange-flavored amber. That may sound strange, but that's how it's hitting my nose.

On my skin: the sweetness steps up a bit, I get a slightly bubble-gummy thread (very faint), the incense hums quietly in the corner (very soft nice touch for me), and the whole feels a lot more quiet and subtle than I was expecting it to.

As it dries, I keep thinking this is a very pretty scent, but I'm continuing to be surprised at how soft it is. I know Fabienne said it was one to wear where you needed to be quietly noticed, but this is sticking very close to my skin. When I wave my arms, I get the caramel-like resin Fabienne was talking about--which is interesting because I really don't get that at all on close-up sniffs. The bubble-gum thread has disappeared completely, and I'm getting more of the amber coming forward.

As it dries further, now it's stepping up a hair. Perhaps it needs to really bond with the skin to keep moving along? This strikes me as a very female scent that you could wear in an office or area where people complain about perfume, and no one would really know that you had some on--but you could still sniff on yourself as you wanted/needed to.

Continuing the dry down, I'm getting an almost honeyed essence at this point, that mingles beautifully with the other notes (I'm wondering if that was part of the bubble-gum thread I was getting above as the honeyed note seems like a yin to that bubble-gum thread's yang). The sweetness remains, but never gets to cavity inducing level. Even the sweetness is soft.

This is a very pretty scent, and comes across as delicate and gentle. I have a feeling if this was the *only* scent I was wearing today and I had it on several areas of my body, that I would continue to notice it in little wafts throughout the day and enjoy it the whole time. When I wave my hand, I enjoy the throw this gives off, but as stated above it's very delicate and light so can come across as almost invisible unless you are specifically sniffing for it.

Re: 7 Gates of the House of Osiris

Posted: Fri Oct 26, 2012 6:29 pm
by Suzette
This is such a beautiful fragrance. Yes, Osiris represents the afterlife and this resonates, whispers a richness and warmth. It's fragrance is released by small, subtle movements. Simple yet complex. Who knew the afterlife could be so durn sexy?? This will be my go-to perfume when i'm feeling a little 'bluesy'. Fabienne, you amaze me.

Re: 7 Gates of the House of Osiris

Posted: Mon Nov 05, 2012 10:57 am
by gypsyjolie
This is a very pretty amber blend. It does come across as "orange-flavored amber". I was worried that the caramel sweetness of the description would be overwhelming, but this is lovely and surprisingly delicate. The scent warms up on my skin over the next few minutes and it wafts up a soft, hazy amber scent as I move. It's very feminine and tasteful, subtle but sexy, golden and warm. I don't get much of the incense note described, but it probably adds to the haziness of the overall scent.

This is soft soft soft without being musky. It's soft to the point where it's *almost* powdery, but it never gets to that point. It does remind me of the extreme drydown of Huile of Fortune (the amber). I actually wish it had a lot more oomph. I might have to slather this one. Perhaps it will deepen with age.

Re: 7 Gates of the House of Osiris

Posted: Tue Dec 10, 2013 4:09 pm
by willworkforvanilla
I got this from another forum sell pages. I was thinking I was getting Osiris which is rumored to be a divine vanilla that no one should be without. After agreeing to pay I realized this was a completely different animal. ( I should also point out the mistake was all MINE...completely mine)

It arrived today and.....


Amber amber amber...oh lovely amber. It's a bit of that lemonish amber (that I really do enjoy). Like another reviewer said, I can pick up on the caramel but only as my wrist is going away from my nose. I am picking up on something a bit like resins.

I love this. I am so happy I have a bottle of my very own of this little wonder. I love it when you thought something would end up bad and you wind up pleasantly surprised. :angel:

This is turning into a powder on my skin. Sometimes amber will do that on me. It’s a lovely powder and I will get plenty of wear out of this bottle this winter.

This is what I think I wanted BPAL haunted to smell like....or maybe this is reminding me of haunted.