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Possets description: "A first cousin to the now discontinued Perpetual Motion Machine, I saught to retain the metalic part of the blend while bringing something new to the basic idea and making me think of a brass amulet worn round the neck to ward off evil spirits with the magical scent of a very woody vanilla in the background. Resinous, vanilla."

In the bottle: this reminds me a lot of Perpetual Motion Machine, but it definitely has a ramped up metallic edge. It's almost a metal I can taste when I sniff it. However, under that is a very similar and gorgeous vanilla note that PMM had. I'm a little nervous about how that metal is going to wear on the skin because it is *very* obvious.

Deep breath and dab on skin: Interesting. Hmmm. The metal is definitely there (almost like licking an old penny), but as it begins to dry, the vanilla pops up and begins to say, "Hey!" It's a very sweet and pretty vanilla--almost custardy in how smooth and sweet it is.

As it dries further, the metal almost smells like a swimming pool, but the vanilla holds it steady and keeps this perfume from drowning to death. And oooohhhh all of a sudden there's like a peppery wood note beginning to come up. Oooooooooh oh I like that! That's very much like PMM. The more this dries down, the more I'm liking how that metal edge is playing into this. The metal is dropping down a bit more, the woody note is becoming more dominant, and that vanilla is delicious. Could it be possible that I might like this better than the original PMM?

At this point, the notes are coming together in such a way that it almost smells like there's also leather in here. I can just about see a beautiful bronze or brass amulet tied with leather, and worn around a neck that was dabbed with vanilla (or around the neck of a chef who worked in a kitchen where vanilla was being scraped out of pods or pounded into powder).

The metal definitely plays a much more dominant role in this blend, and gives it a little more of a masculine edge than I think PMM had. I'm still getting the leathery note, and the vanilla seems a little more downplayed here but is still hanging on for the ride. If you like your vanillas less foody and having more of an edge, this would be a good one to try (let it ride through the custard phase, first though).

I think this one would play well on both men and women. It doesn't come across quite as completely masculine, but the metal and leather aspect turn it more masculine than I expected. However, the vanilla keeps it perfectly wearable for women, too.

On a snowy winter day when everything is gloomy, this will be a great scent to pull out to give the day a perfect shine and warm the heart up.
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Re: Amulet

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I nearly didn't even try this one, because when I sniffed it in the vial I got the dreaded 'black leather' smell, which always turns into chlorine and amps like crazy if I actually put it on, overpowering everything else. However, I'm often surprised by Possets so I thought I'd give it a go. I expected to dislike it intensely.

Straight on, I got a big hit of very buttery vanilla, which completely overwhelmed everything else. As it began to dry the leather came out - but amazingly, it went to actual leather, not chlorine. I also got something very sharp and metallic, which hit the back of my throat a little, but died down quickly. After about half an hour, everything had started to balance out and it was pretty much a three way split between creamy vanilla, beautiful soft suede and metal. It's extremely unusual and very lovely. I couldn't stop sniffing my arm. I'm definitely getting a bottle of this.

I love it when I get a surprise like that! :u:
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Re: Amulet

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I am so glad I decided to buy this unsnifed because I love it! For me this is the perfect leather-vanilla scent. Wet I get the lovely vanilla that Perpetual Motion Machine had. I would say that to my skin is 50% leather- metal and 50% vanilla. It stays that way for hours. In my scarf the leather scent was more pronounced. During the day sometimes I was smelling the vanilla sometimes the leather scent. It was awesome!! It's very sexy too! Also it reminds me that song:Warm Leatherette by The normal!!!
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