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Posted: Sun Oct 21, 2012 1:37 pm
by sertso
Lord of the Dead, the darkness of pepper as a top note, mingling with the scent of electricity, a new sweet black musk holds down the base section, with myrrh to commemorate his demise, vanilla to commemorate his wife's care in bringing him back to life. A strong blend which treads the line between sweetness and sharpness and does it with aplomb.

The base section of this is positively addictive. (My nose has been almost glued to my wrist for several days now.) And it lasts a very long time--if I put it on in the afternoon, I still can smell it the following morning. I'm hoping for more of the sweet black musk and vanilla in other perfumes of the future . . . it's really luscious! :l:

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Posted: Sun Oct 21, 2012 2:05 pm
by hill78
This sounds great from your review! How strong is the "scent of electricity?"

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Posted: Sun Oct 21, 2012 3:57 pm
by sertso
Not very strong. I notice it and the pepper at first, but after 10-15 minutes, they are almost totally gone, just a faint sharpness that is mostly the pepper.

The wonderful underneath scents become more prominent after about 1/2 hour on me.

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Posted: Wed Oct 31, 2012 1:35 pm
by hill78
I actually don't get a strong sense of electricity, just a hint of pepper, there and gone in a flash. I do get something almost....floral....hard to a sweet almost fruity floral. After about a half hour though this becomes mostly the musk, a fuzziness that is likely the myrrh, and a very dark vanilla. I love the drywon on this one, it is very special!

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Posted: Mon Nov 05, 2012 11:57 am
by gypsyjolie
wet: black pepper and something oddly sweet and metallic
drying: myrrh, black pepper, and something metallic ... and now I can smell the black musk. It's slightly powdery under the pepper.
full drydown: I love the black musk - dark and soft. The metallic scent is gone, and the pepper is much softer but still there being earthy/herbal. I have a bad history with myrrh making me feel queasy and this did for a while but after 15 minutes it stopped and the vanilla showed up, so then it's a good soft dark black musk/vanilla/pepper mix. It's not harsh at all, though it is both dry and powdery on my skin. It reminds me of the full drydown of Black Prince after the lavender has burned off. It's a somber/serious scent, and makes me feel thoughtful or introspective.

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Posted: Thu Nov 08, 2012 12:33 pm
by Maya
In the decant: Mmmm it smells a little chocolatey, with a touch of something that reminds me of those chocolate oranges that are sent out around Christmas. This comes across as velvety in the decant.

On my skin: Oooooh. I get a tiny whiff of the pepper mingling with that sweet chocolate/orange note (actually, upon further review, this smells like a tootsie roll note to me--including a bit of the waxiness of the paper with a smidge of orange) which I'm thinking is that sweet black musk, the myrrh is resting softly in the background, and every now and then I get a sharp tang that I'm taking as the electricity.

As it dries: this begins to soften, the tootsie roll note is going more vanillic, and the orange is fading a bit to the sweetness of orange candy without smelling like orange. The myrrh begins to step up, drying this out a teeny bit and turning it away from being too sweet. When I really stick my nose in and sniff, I get the woodiness of the pepper with a tiny hint of a snap on the end of it.

As it dries further: it becomes even softer--almost powdery without being powdery, the myrrh really steps up now giving this an herbal tinge, that waxiness is still lingering around adding an interesting note (it's not waxy like wax, but more like the wax of a tootsie roll paper--probably in my head because I can't stop connecting this with tootsie rolls lol), and the pepper flirts from the background.

This is not a strong pepper on me. I think I was hoping for a bit more snap and sizzle from this one, but as it is, I can feel a sharpness to it that is a nice contrast to the sweetness.

Again, I'm impressed by this release and how Fabienne mingles so many interesting (not "typical") notes together to make the sum greater than the individual parts.

At some point, I started to get a faint almost floral note, without being able to pinpoint a specific floral--and I think it's the way the tootsie roll note is drying down and turning more into vanilla. I still get a small kick from the pepper which keeps this from hanging out in the too-sweet column. I am also getting more of the powder as it snuggles into the skin. The vanilla is rising more (almost smells like a plastic doll from long ago--without totally going over that edge). The way this softens and smooths out is very pretty.

This turns into a pretty and snuggly skin scent, but with a bit more throw than most skin scents tend to have. The myrrh never goes too herbal. While this is sweet, it also has a nice snap/kick to it that keeps it edgy and interesting.

If you like powdery perfumes, this might be a good one to try for that dry down. It's definitely not a straight powder dry down, but it's powdery with a very nice twist, so I think it would provide a very decent variation on the theme.

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Posted: Sun Nov 11, 2012 8:48 pm
by Boudicca
Wow. I am wondering why I did not zero in on this one earlier. Maybe the pepper scared me away? It shouldn't have, it's not too in your face.
The drydown , as mentioned, is Fabulous. Black musk/vanila, for me it gives a suggestion of chocolate rather than actually being chocolatey. (Do I have a way with words or what? Lol!) At any rate, Yum!
I'm thinking this one will get my vote.
But hey, that could all change tomorrow.
Then again, probably not.

I find it pretty straightforward (for lack of a better word) but sooooo good.

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Posted: Sat Nov 16, 2013 7:01 pm
by Petticoats
I have fallen oh so deeply in love with Osiris. When I think of how close I came to cutting it from my order, I practically hyperventilate. It sounded from the description like it would be aggressive, not very femme, not my usual thing. But I fell in love right away, and the honeymoon is going strong.

On me, I don't get pepper, electricity, or anything sharp. I get at first a marzipanny, slightly boozy note, and then everything just kind of snuggles down into the most intoxicating vanilla fragrance of my life. Not foody but deep (probably the musk's effect) and even on the dry side, soft and yet super sexy in its sweet, gentle way. I definitely agree with Boudicca's description of chocolate-like without being chocolate.

The later dry-down lightens a bit and takes on almost the feel of a blossom in its gentleness. The sexiness eases off until a kind of blissful, ethereal innocence emerges.

If I could have ordered a gallon of this, I would have. This is the most primally satisfying vanilla fragrance I've found since Bath & Body Works discontinued its elegant Vanilla Noir. I think I have found my vanilla holy grail!

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Posted: Sun May 24, 2015 5:18 pm
by sakecat22
Bottle originally purchased with this release in 2012. Very sweet resinous musk with vanilla. I can't smell black pepper in it per se - it's more like something airy cutting through the deep vanilla musk. It's aged well and smells beautiful.

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Posted: Thu Feb 16, 2017 11:06 pm
by Petticoats
I've been wearing Osiris a lot lately. The bottle I bought back in the 2013 retour has taken on a quality that reminds me of cherries. It's utterly beautiful, both decadent and comforting.