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Re--God of the Sun

Posted: Fri Nov 02, 2012 2:45 pm
by Maya
Possets description: "Hot bright and dazzling. Marigolds always remind me of the sun and so they have a place in this upbeat blend, thick golden amber recalls the summer days, finally a pollen like sunflower/zinnia-ish essence rounds out this paeon to our bright star worshipped by the Egyptians and a goodly jolt of excellent sharp Egyptian musk to remind us that the sun is not to be trifled with."

In the decant bottle: It smells like a marigold or a mum--a touch of green, a touch of dry floral (no sweet floral here). I thought it was only green at first, then I began to smell my local farmers market that always has marigolds or mums or zinnias waving their scent around. Mmmm!

On the skin: for a tiny moment I get the scent of what could be linen bandages, and then that beautiful marigold note pops out. The green becomes a bit stronger--making this a little more succulent and not quite so dry. Waaaay down underneath is what I'm thinking is the Egyptian musk.

As it dries: mmmmm this is a beautiful field of autumnal flowers--not spring or summer. Now this is my kind of floral! I love how dry and wrung out it comes across as, while still retaining the succulence of a true bushel of flowers. This is definitely bright, bright, bright like a field of gold and rust and orange mums spread out under an Indian Summer sun.

This scent is very cheerful and happy. I'm enjoying it a lot.

Re: Re--God of the Sun

Posted: Sat Nov 03, 2012 4:25 pm
by tarayvonne
This reminds me of a perfume my Mom bought years ago called Sunflowers. But much nicer, dewier, fresher, and of course no alcohol. This is very nearly a fresh rain floral to my nose.

Then again it does remind me a bit of air freshener too. Specifically one we used to have ironically called "rain fresh or fresh rain". One way or the other, can't remember. I'm having a hard time with this association.

This is pretty, so don't let me spoil the fun. It's just my memory of a similar scent is ruining it for me :k: And it's not my type of thing either so that doesn't help.

Re: Re--God of the Sun

Posted: Sat Nov 03, 2012 7:33 pm
by puck nc
Initial Thoughts: Love marigolds. Like amber but it tends to amp on me. Zinna and sumflower - don't know enough. Egyptian musk - could amp horribly on me. This is what decants are for.

In the vial: Very marigold and herby floral. A spring/early summer grassy scent, very reminiscent of the sun.

Wet: I get one brief and glorious whiff of marigolds and then the amber and musk start charging forward. Damn.

Drydown: In the amp-stakes the amber wins over the musk, but they have both overtaken the scent. I can get the barest hint of marigold now.

Verdict: Well, if the amber-musk family behaves on you, give it a try.

Re: Re--God of the Sun

Posted: Tue Nov 06, 2012 9:36 am
by Maya
Adding to my review today since I had a chance to try it all on its own (taken from the other thread):

I am trying this all by itself today. It's a scent that really got into my brain and wouldn't let me go. I waffled for a while on it because although I really do like zinnias, mums, and marigolds, I wasn't sure if I wanted to smell like that as a straight floral (single note).

I'm glad I tried this again. The Egyptian musk came out stronger today. The marigold was the dominant note for a minute or two, then the musk began to come forward and then the amber began to claim some ground. The way the three are mingling on my skin is pretty lovely. This amber is a very golden one (as Fabienne describes)--I was tempted to say hot because that's how it come across to me. Very warm, very bright gold. Now that the marigold/zinnia is not quite so front and center and has become more of a base to hold this all together, the Egyptian musk has a chance to shine--and it does.

As I noted before, this is a straight up happy scent, but not for a teeny-bopper. This is for days when you want to spread sunshine and happiness wherever you go--holding your arms out wide as a ray of sunshine for the whole world. It's more of a warm dry scent. The greenness that I smelled before is a faint faint trail in the background (and I get more of the green on my left arm than my right arm--and it's nice to get notes from both arms wafting up and mingling).

Based on what I'm getting from this today, it really needed to rest a bit from travel for me to get all of the nuances of it.

It was pretty before--as in, "I like marigolds, and aren't they pretty." But today, this has stepped up to a whole new level of pretty. This typically wouldn't be my "type" of scent--as I do tend to gravitate toward the gourmand/oriental/resin/spices--but after trying it again today, I'm putting this on my bottle list. Everyone needs a ray of happy, and I would say Fabienne managed to bottle sunshine with this one.

Edited to add that I put this on before going to vote. My husband brought me back home, and as we hugged before he went out the door, he grabbed me tighter, nuzzled my neck and said, "Mmmm you smell good. I like that one." He's coming around to liking more of my scents, but it's rare for him to give such full approval. Yep, I definitely need a bottle of this one. :r:

I also wanted to add that now that I'm about an hour in, this has a little bit of sweetness coming up from something which is a nice balance to the otherwise dryness of this scent. Yep, sunshine in a bottle.

Re: Re--God of the Sun

Posted: Sat Nov 10, 2012 6:54 pm
by Boudicca
I put on this and only this after my shower. (Before my shower I tried this and three others which led me to believe that, while fun, this is an exercise in futility for me.)
In vial: green
Wet on skin: green marigolds.
As it dries it becomes less green and warmer and just a tad sweet--must be the amber. The marigolds are wafting in and out beneath that. Now and then I get the smallest bit of something just a tad spicy? Not sure I get the musk but the other day I was reading an interesting article about musk that mentioned a lot of people are asnomic to one kind or another so maybe that's it?
Overall: Warm, cheerful, floral, autumn sunshine. Very different from the rest of what I've tried from this collection. It's definitely a contender.

Re: Re--God of the Sun

Posted: Sat Nov 16, 2013 8:26 pm
by Petticoats
Wet on skin, this is dryly zingy, peppery, and I'm definitely getting the dry kick of flowers. It’s a bit like the bracing Simony, only without the citrus and with a more peppery edge, and it’s brighter and more femme (which I like).

Starting to dry down, it’s continuing to brighten; this is so energetic and cheerful! I can definitely see wearing this to give myself a boost on grey winter days or whenever I want to be cheered up or energized. The pepper is backing off. Great throw.

Now it's getting very feminine and pretty. Eventually it becomes rather perfumy in a pretty way. This is a happy, charming fragrance.

Re: Re--God of the Sun

Posted: Mon Aug 31, 2015 5:47 am
by Morbane
I love this perfume!

I just wanted to say that before flailing about in a saga of despair. It was SO FLIPPING HARD to find this thread. The search algorithms on the main site and the forum seem to reject words of 3 letters or less, and, well, look at the title of this perfume.

I tried so hard! I remembered calendula as a possible note. No dice. I threw 'review' in there. No dice. I threw the name of the perfume into google, and google gave me marigold and an invalid link, because this was taken down after Retour. Okay. Fine. Marigold. Marigold was what got me here.

In earnestness, the three-letter thing is really disconcerting and made this really hard. Can this be avoided? There are many very significant three-letter words in English!

But: I just got this from my Retour order and it is glorious. In the bottle: calendula and tomato vines. On my skin: the same.

An hour later, it's the same, strong, reassuring fragrance. This is like a really comforting soap. It smells like a summer garden, leaves and petals alike. There's some kind of musk underlying it, but I can't quite identify it. It's so nice. I want to take deep sniffs of this, and I feel like I could wear it to all kinds of occasions: cocktail nights, job interviews, etc...

... If only I could locate it easily on this site, all would be peachy.