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Ka - The Soul

Posted: Sat Nov 03, 2012 9:48 pm
by gypsyjolie
Uplifting with a bit of light suede, strongly put Red Egyptian Musk smooths off any rough edges, two types of incense and a bit of celery (!) for tang. A light light kiss of lemon zest and one last complimentary drop of white musk to make sure it doesn't get out of hand. The soul was called the Ka and it must have been by turns elated and terrified. This blend is meant to calm the poor little thing down but not to put it to sleep! Very pretty

wet: mmmm! red Egyptian musk and suede (soft roughened leather)
drying on skin: the incense rises up with the leather and clean but soft red Egyptian musk combo. This is lovely and smooth.
full drydown: Oddly, the lighter notes are finally coming into the scent. The lemon zest and white musk are clean and bright and work beautifully with the Egyptian musk without being sharp or laundry sheet-ish in any way. I wouldn't have guessed about celery but it does have that that clean watery scent that you get sniffing fresh celery. The scent is clean but also smooth and warm, the incense notes airy and lightly smoky, the suede accord subtle, but grounding the scent nicely. It is calming, but I think it's sexy too.

Damn, this just gets better and better on my skin. I do love both leather and Egyptian musk so this was really tempting to me and it definitely doesn't disappoint. I've never smelled a "clean" leather scent before. It has decent throw from the Egyptian musk too.

Definite bottle buy for me. Love this!!

Re: Ka - The Soul

Posted: Wed Nov 07, 2012 7:16 pm
by Maya
In the decant: a faint touch of suede, a faint hint of what I'd take as celery seed, and a gentle sweetness.

On my skin: Oooooh. Mmmm soft soft leather, and what I'm thinking is the Egyptian musk--what may be that gentle sweetness I got in the decant. As it begins to dry, the lemon zest comes up a bit, and that celery seed note smooths out. I'm starting to get that incense, but it's a soft touch and it provides a nice rounding of the other notes. I never *ever* would have thought I'd be drooling over celery in a perfume, but this is pretty awesome the way it mingles together.

Side note--I am so impressed with the "different" notes that Fabienne included in this collection and how they mingle. The celery here. The coffee and fig in Anubis. The gourd and lavender in Heka. The list goes on.

Back to Ka: This is much prettier than I would have expected. I was thinking the leather note would rough this up and make it more masculine, but it's softer and a touch femme in this. It also gives this a cuddliness without being too cozy.

I agree with the "clean leather" aspect of this. This scent comes across as clear, almost crisp (but it's a little softer than crisp), and clean. There's also a deep prettiness to this that keeps it holding steady on my skin and keeping me sniffing. Very very nice!