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Thoth--The Scribe God

Posted: Wed Nov 07, 2012 8:15 pm
by Maya
Possets description: "Ibis headed Thoth smells of paper, ink and paint in the most charming way. Barded over with darkest fig and fig paste with a light soupcon of nutmeg and a coat of tarry burnt sugar. Very nice, just slightly foody but very very rich and sumputously sexy. Thoth presided over the judging of the soul and took careful notes about each case."

In the decant: First to hit my nose is the tarry burnt sugar, then I get the fig paste, and a touch of nutmeg. Following that is a faint hint of ink and paint.

On my skin: A tiny bit of something green, the sugar, the ink, and the figs all come out together then begin to spread out a bit. The figs begin to come forward--both dry and sweet. Following that, I get a touch of paper like sticking your nose in a fresh book. Providing a nice base for it all is the burnt sugar, but the sugar isn't overpowering or too burnt, it's just nicely caramelized and hanging around.

As it dries: it rounds out some more and the fig comes across as almost jammy. The nutmeg is waaaay down on the bottom, giving this a nice little kick without being too obvious and in your face. The paper note has softened and begins to merge with the other notes beautifully. The way it mixes with the fig gives this fragrance an almost pineappled edge at this point.

Despite some notes that could be heavy (the tarry sugar, paint, ink, paper, fig paste), this comes across as light but grounded. It's not wispy and definitely has no danger of floating away, but even though it's light it wears very well. This is a bit foody, but not overpoweringly sweet, and the notes provide a bit more depth than I expected. A great every day type scent.

Edited to add that the buttery note I'd seemed to get in my first impression (in the general thread) doesn't seem to come out here, and I'm thinking that this needed to sit a bit for me to get the full nuances. I liked it before, but was slightly concerned about that buttery note, but now I'm putting this one on my bottle list.

Re: Thoth--The Scribe God

Posted: Sat Nov 10, 2012 5:18 pm
by lulu
I love the way Fabienne uses the fig note- it always ends up more perfumey than foody, and this is no exception. Straight away I get an ink and paper note, but pretty soon a most delicious fruity sugar smell comes through. This is like putting some sugar, water and figs on the stove and smelling it at each stage as it cooks down to a wonderful caramelised fig. There is an underlying earthiness from the fig too, tempering the sugar. I don't get any nutmeg (the note I was scared of) and it just stops short of being burnt or too sweet. The perfect foody perfume for non-foody lovers like me, and if you love figs this one is for you. :r:

Re: Thoth--The Scribe God

Posted: Sat Nov 10, 2012 11:39 pm
by Boudicca
This is one that I would have overlooked; nothing, no notes, about it were calling to me.
In the vial: yeah, that burnt sugar thing
On skin: paper, ink... fig? Little bit of that burnt sugar thing underneath
Overall: oddly compelling. It won't make my top three but I am liking it a Lot more than I thought I would.

Re: Thoth--The Scribe God

Posted: Sun Nov 11, 2012 12:34 am
by amberosmanthus
I'll save some room here and just say Maya covered this very well (as usual, thank you Maya!) :a:

I love the dry-down of this, but there is a stage at the beginning and early middle where it goes a little too weird. I can't even describe it well, but I can see why Maya wondered about that buttery note. It is like that for me, yet not quite. See how helpful I am? I get the ink and paper scent and it isn't overwhelming, but then things begin to blend and it just isn't my favorite combination. There are so many ravishing beauties in this collection I'm a little relieved to take this one off my "must buy" list.