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Crocopardapottamus (Ammit)

Posted: Thu Nov 08, 2012 12:58 pm
by Maya
Possets description: "After the soul was judged by Anubis, if found wanting the god-beast Ammit would fall upon it and eat it and so it would be lost to the Field of Reeds. Ammit had the crushing head of a crocodile, the midsection of a leopard, and the hindquarters of a hippopotamus. Since the soul would have been delicious to Ammit, I make this one a tribute to the sweet and toothsome, a Possets' famous gourmandy blend. Quirky dark syrup of milo is rubbed with a small amount of lime and a grain of incense. Really intriguing. Foody."

In the decant: Mmmm a dark rich spice cake with a hint of lime and a touch of incense.

On my skin: The lime is very present, but mingled with that is the rich spice cake, and a touch of what could come across as a caramel/maple glaze (faint, not too strong).

As it dries: This just gets better and better. I said it in the general thread, but anyone who loves the Possets gourmands should run to get this one. It's rich, deep, and foody, but it has the perfumy qualities of the gingerbreads (although I think this is several shades darker than the gingerbreads--more like it's drawing from the soul of Morgan Le Fay, while being more foody).

As it dries further: the lime begins to sink down, and even though citrus is usually a top note, I find this weaving in and out of this for a while (it's not so quick to run away). It's not a tart lime, but rather a bit juicy and soft--and it's a beautiful accompaniment to the other notes. The caramel/maple does remind me a bit of the note that I loved in the Queen of Love and Beauty, but this doesn't have the kick of the sandalwood like that one did, and this is not quite as sweet. I'm not getting a lot of chocolate from this, but I do get a smidge of malt-ball vibe rounding this out and providing some of the layering. Also the incense steps up a bit here, but it's a soft and lovely incense. Nothing too sharp or demanding--just enough to round this out and give this body and depth.

This is hands down one of my favorites of this release. It has a lot of depth, a decent amount of throw for a while (it clung beautifully to the shirt I first tested this with and made me want to bury my nose in it for a while), and the dry down is lovely. It's really the best rich and dark spice cake turned into perfume.

Fabienne's gourmands are without compare. They really are.

Re: Crocopardapottamus (Ammit)

Posted: Sat Nov 10, 2012 11:59 pm
by Boudicca
Another one that, though it caught my eye, did not make it to any of my "lists". I have no clue what milo should smell like, and the lime made me wary.
Now I have* an idea what milo smells like and it is pretty damn good! It... it... it's something I can't describe. Personally I'm not getting the lime, maybe it is interacting with whatever that just makes it good.
I tried this with three others so I cannot do it justice yet. I might have tried it for the name alone, but the notes scared me. Someone (probably more than one) has commented that if something catches your eye but there is a note that worries you, try it anyway if you can, you might be surprised.
And I really* love the name!

Re: Crocopardapottamus (Ammit)

Posted: Fri Nov 16, 2012 5:31 pm
by euterpe
This is a really unique gourmand scent, and I love it! It reminds me a lot of Arcana's Quim in it's character (quirky, rich and spicy), but does not smell much like it at all. I am assuming the lime is what is giving it that "quirky" feel, as it adds a (understated - it's not severe) bite to the rich spicy foodiness. I thought at first that it might be like BPAL's Mr. Nancy but the lime in Ammit has less of a distinct presence (and this is more foody than Mr. Nancy IMO). Not much else to say that others have not already said - it is really amazing, and definitely one of my favorites from the collection. I know I'll be getting a 10ml of it before it's gone!


Re: Crocopardapottamus (Ammit)

Posted: Sat Nov 17, 2012 7:56 am
by reverend squid
This was really malty on thick, malty toffee. Initially it had almost a molasses thing going on, but it smoothed out as it dried. The incense grounds it and stops it from being oversweet, and on me the lime was only there a teeny, tiny bit. It stops it being cloying but I couldn't really smell it as a separate thing. It lasted quite a while, too. I don't feel I need a bottle of it, but it was nice - a definite goer if you like foody scents, I'd say..