Henry VIII and Catherine of Aragon

All the great fragrances from Valentines 2013 should be filed here. This includes the Couples scents and Henry VIII and His six Wives, too.

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Re: Henry VIII and Catherine of Aragon

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I can't decide whether I like this one or not. It's extremely well-blended and has something of both classic perfumes and Possets in it. That being said, I was expecting something that plays nice with my senses, a la Henry VIII and Catherine Howard. What I got instead was a sillage and longevity bomb (for Possets fragrances - not the sillage / longevity of Thierry Mugler's Alien) that was definitely not appropriate for a cozy night in and gave me a headache. My clothes still smell strongly of it this morning.

This one is too much of a perfumer's masterpiece to be thrown in the swap pile right away. I'll give it time to settle and will try to wear to a more appropriate occasion before giving up on it.
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