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Venus and Mars

Posted: Fri Feb 22, 2013 1:48 pm
by wl552
Inspired by the magnificent painting by Botticelli which adorns the Possets site, the rambunctious masculinity of Mars is caught and conquered by the lush womanliness of Venus. Imagine a post coital repose of woody black pepper paired with cheeky pink peppercorns, and gloss of green musk, a shot of hot sticky jasmine, and the barding over of thick golden amber. Ahhhh, tis a consumation devoutly to be wished! Strong, woody, resinous.

This review is based off the test dot from a couple days ago. I can't give it a regular full day's wear because, frankly, my skin does disgusting things to what I'm sure is a pretty scent.

In the vial: a very almost astringent perfume-y scent.
On skin: heavy, wet, humid, soapy jasmine. That's all my skin does with it. :(
Later: it gets thicker if that's even possible. The only reason I didn't wash it off was because it was up on my arm and I covered it with my sweater sleeve.

For those who can rock jasmine, I'm sure this would smell lovely. Unfortunately, the musk and amber which I adore just couldn't defeat that flower on my skin.

Re: Venus and Mars

Posted: Fri Mar 01, 2013 6:08 pm
by Floria
I love pink pepper and amber, so I had to try this. My nose is a little stuffy today, but here goes:

Sprightly, spicy topnote, with a little dryness from the peppercorn. The base is smooth and sweet, and something gives it a vaguely fruity effect, despite the lack of actual fruit. The jasmine isn't too heady, the amber isn't powdery (sometimes I like powdery amber, but it wouldn't really fit the theme here), the musk isn't sharp or cologny, and the whole base/heart is very well blended. It has kind of a classic perfume feel without the sharp edge some musky alcohol-based perfumes have. It smells like smart vintage outfits and rapid-fire witty banter.