Lavender Water Le Soleil

Possets makes a 100% natural line which combines beauty with a daring and innovative approach which demonstrates that purity does not have to be boring!

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Re: Lavender Water Le Soleil

Post by Maya » Thu Oct 13, 2016 8:51 pm

Adding Possets description: "Lavender Water-Le Soleil-Classic Lavender Water that manages to capture all the sunshine which lavender thrives on. Rich with clementine, citrus, and bright suave resinous medley. An uplifting blend, great for those times when you could use a nice cup of tea but can't have one. Here is where I have accentuated the citrus snap which goes so well with lavender. Characteristics: lavender, unisex, citrus, home scent, cooling, summer scent.."
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