Joan of Arc

We took a trip back in time in 2012 to enjoy the intense romance of the Middle Ages.

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Re: Joan of Arc

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Adding Possets' description: "Joan of Arc was chosen to lead the French forces against the English. An uneducated peasant girl, the French were so destitute that they took her at her word and she actually won just about every battle against the fierce and well armed English! One of the most iconic and unbelievable people who ever lived, Joan is the patron saint of France and one of the most fascinating women who ever lived. Command an army? Of course. Churchy incense, smoke from a campfire, a bit of wood (pre shadowing her fiery end) and you have the simple and very compelling girl who became an icon, the savior of a king and a nation. Strong stuff, not for the fainting sort of girl, but to be worn by a larger than life woman."
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