Lady Z (Valentine 2012)

We took a trip back in time in 2012 to enjoy the intense romance of the Middle Ages.

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Re: Lady Z (Valentine 2012)

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If one were to look for a permanent blend combo that best describes this blend is Mary Shelley having a flapper heavy petting affair with Chocolate Incense. The smut factor (on me obviously) is much less what I get from Mary Shelley and I believe they both contain sweetbriar so I think the skank in this one is not actually the cumin. I think the cumin is giving this an almost smoked chili feel more than BO. For reference I am sitting in NO in an 88 degree apt in high humidity (I don't believe in AC before June) so if it was going to go hardcore porn on me I am pretty sure it would here. Do not get me wrong it is sultry and offers a bit of skank but mostly I just get sweetened incense with spice and smoke albeit a very different spice than MLF or OTR. I do see how it could be post coital BO but mostly here I get more young love and all the things your mother warned you about boys and kissing in 8th grade. I did try mixing Mary Shelley and Chocolate Incense (of which I can wear neither) and it is the more risque (and sweaty) version of this scent on me. I rather love it. I may keep wearing it through the long hot summer when I feel a need to be a little naughty!
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