Betsy the Cat (OAR Cat - Halloween 2010)

I have created a number of limited edition perfumes to benefit the Ohio Alleycat Resource (OAR) and their mission to help feral and stray cats all over Cincinnati. They do wonderful work and a generous portion of the proceeds from the sale of these blends goes to OAR. Here is where you will find reviews of my OAR perfumes which did not go Permanent and return periodically. They are wonderful, magical blends.

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Betsy the Cat (OAR Cat - Halloween 2010)

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Description from the Possets website: "Golden fruits and a surprising hint of muskadine, like a romp in the cepage (vinyard). This one is very late summer and fall before the frost has hit. When the sky is just the most blue it can be and the air has not taken a tinge of winter to come yet. There is something wine-like and tart about this blend, not really foody and very lovely indeed. Sparkling."

(I'm terrible at discerning notes, & even worse at trying to describe them. Also, I seem to have a skin chemistry which likes to turn pretty-sounding things into not-so-pretty smells. :( So please excuse my very novice reviews.)

Wet: very ripe pears & golden apples, white grape juice, & an unusual note I can't place

Drydown: white grape juice, very ripe pears, possibly a bit of plum

Later: sparkling white grape juice, very ripe pears & plums

Thoughts: This blend is very unusual & really hard for me to pin down & describe. It makes me think in terms of colors, & this one is a very deep, rich, fuzzy brown with slightly eggplant undertones. It brings to mind a soft plush throw (I guess that's where I get the "fuzzy" part of the color description). Betsy the Cat reminds me of Dank (also from the 2010 Halloween LEs), which I really like. If Betsy the Cat & Dank were sisters, Dank would be the perky, party girl younger sister, & Betsy the Cat would be the older, more serious & reserved, bookworm sister -- quite pretty in her own way.
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Re: Betsy the Cat (OAR Cat - Halloween 2010)

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First note reminds me of Sparkling Grape Juice.

I'm having a massive allergy attack today, so I might have to review this one at another time since I don't really trust my nose.
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