Collette OAR

I have created a number of limited edition perfumes to benefit the Ohio Alleycat Resource (OAR) and their mission to help feral and stray cats all over Cincinnati. They do wonderful work and a generous portion of the proceeds from the sale of these blends goes to OAR. Here is where you will find reviews of my OAR perfumes which did not go Permanent and return periodically. They are wonderful, magical blends.

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Collette OAR

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Possets' description: "Edgy and high keyed, juvenile but crystalline. Untamed, that's Collette. This is a very perfumy fragrance with a sharp and worldly edge. Sharp musk, combined with A very small amount of tobacco flower, a hint of muget with an edge of lavender for zest. Collette was found high up a tree and is pure white and very beautiful. I tried to capture her in this fragrance, and believe I did a very good job. An OAR benefit fragrance."
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Re: Collette OAR

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I thought this hadn't been reviewed, until I realised I was spelling it with one L. Oopsie. I bought it originally because my beloved childhood cat was called Colette - my Colette was very much tamed though :grin:

I bought Collette brand new and I didn't like it at first try. Too sharp, too "cheap cologne", and waaaaay too much lavender. So I put it in The Smellies Box and let it age (to be frank I actually forgot I had it).

Fast-forward to now and I am rediscovering The Smellies. Boy oh boy, has Collette aged well! We're talking fine wine territory here. In the bottle it still smells a little like cologne, but a much more mature, subdued version. On skin, the musk warms and comes alive. There is still a tinkle of something bright over the top, I think it's the lavender, which nicely tempers the floral muget. Overall the scent is musky but not too heavy, gender-neutral while being sexy. If anything it leans a little towards the masculine on me. A truly lovely scent and I'm so glad I hung on to it!
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