I have created a number of limited edition perfumes to benefit the Ohio Alleycat Resource (OAR) and their mission to help feral and stray cats all over Cincinnati. They do wonderful work and a generous portion of the proceeds from the sale of these blends goes to OAR. Here is where you will find reviews of my OAR perfumes which did not go Permanent and return periodically. They are wonderful, magical blends.

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Re: Sam

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I grabbed this one recently and kept meaning to come do a review. When I finally got here to find the descriptions, I was amazed because what is on my skin is not what I would have guessed for this one.

For me, this becomes a mix of strawberries, resins, and chocolate. But the chocolate and resins are low low low, keeping the strawberryish note in the front, but rounded and full and rich.

I've gotten so many compliments on this. It's sweet, but not sugary. It's soft but steady, seems simple but as it continues to dry down it develops complexities that are fully rounded and mixed so it doesn't seem complex unless you sniff deeply then the nuances rise to the surface.

Waiting has made this one deeply satisfying and compelling.

I have not been doing well with many of the apple fragrances that I've gotten recently. Now that I know the notes, I can see how the apple peel is translating to strawberry for me, and I think that what is making the difference is that this is coming across as sweet apple peel, not dry in any way, so that makes it seem more succulent and less apple-y. I'm thinking if I let the other apple perfumes I've gotten sit for a while, like this one has been sitting, that the notes may deepen and round out the way this has. This has become an instant go-to for me recently. Delightful, fruity, rounded, warm in a distant and slightly cool kind of way (the way strawberries are), and lovely. This would be good for girls wanting something with oomph, but is also perfect for a day that wants something kind and comforting without being the traditional cozy/comforting fragrances.
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