Pauline - The Joy of Autumn (Fall 2008)

I have created a number of limited edition perfumes to benefit the Ohio Alleycat Resource (OAR) and their mission to help feral and stray cats all over Cincinnati. They do wonderful work and a generous portion of the proceeds from the sale of these blends goes to OAR. Here is where you will find reviews of my OAR perfumes which did not go Permanent and return periodically. They are wonderful, magical blends.

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Re: Pauline - The Joy of Autumn (Fall 2008)

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Sweetened coffee with cream, and something buttery, like freshly baked bread. I also smell vanilla and a touch of milk chocolate. Behind it all, there's the chrysanthemums. It's like sitting on the back porch near an autumn garden, while drinking coffee. It has just the right amount of sweetness.
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Re: Pauline - The Joy of Autumn (Fall 2008)

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Pauline really is the be-all of coffee scents. My partner's office is above the best artisan coffee roaster and espresso bar in Sydney, and this is the smell that wafts up through the floorboards early each morning. I can smell all the nuances of the coffee bean here - the caramel, chocolate and nut notes, and the creme on top of the espresso. It does have a sweetness, but it's certainly not too much; the hero of the blend is absolutely the coffee. The almost 6 years of aging my beloved bottle has undergone has only made it better. This was easily one of the best OARs (I know they leaked, but I really do miss the dropper top bottles), and I've never smelled a coffee blend as good as Pauline from any other indy perfumer. It is pure perfection.
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