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Fall and Halloween Retour 2019!

Posted: Tue Sep 24, 2019 6:10 pm
by marisaviola
I thought I would open up a thread for us to discuss our favorite Fall and Halloween Possets!Thinking of Fabienne at her favorite time of year!

Re: Fall and Halloween Retour 2019!

Posted: Tue Oct 22, 2019 11:00 pm
by marisaviola
I just posted on the Fabienne thread, but would like to echo here that Mordred's Passion is a dark and complex blend, perfect for melancholy contemplation.

Re: Fall and Halloween Retour 2019!

Posted: Thu Oct 24, 2019 9:56 pm
by marisaviola
Hi, everyone, I just got my newsletter and there's a pre-Halloween sale--get a sumptuous treat of 20% off of your purchase! Use code 'spookytreat' at checkout.

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Re: Fall and Halloween Retour 2019!

Posted: Fri Oct 25, 2019 5:37 am
by Minh Scent
Oooh...that 20% off is a wonderful incentive!

These are autumn scents I love and recommend without reservation-

The Scent of Night (Hyssop, violet leaf, spikenard, red cedar, dark brown musk, and fallen leaves)

Black Prince (Lavender, black musk, artemesia)

Dracula Rising (Black sandalwood, black patchouli, black fig)

Apep the Snake God (Chyphre, dark clove, patchouli)

Pauline (Chrysanthemums, coffee, earth, dried leaves)

Jin (A true peach oriental with ingredients they use in the Unite Arab Emirates (UAE). Peaches, dried peaches, patchouli, and tobacco extract, a good wollop of cardamom and big shot of a very dry amber.)

Jurogumo (Vanilla musk, cardamom, nectar of peaches squeezed in the summer sun and concentrated to make a sugary peach liquor.)

Whirlwind of Lust (Black, sticky ripe fig,Cocoa nib liquor, blackest musk, incense, tears of frankincense and a jigger of bourbon)

Funeral Dirge (Dried leaves, brown musk, molasses, liquor, dandelion, tomato leaf and violet leaf)

Gibbous (Black tea, musk, galbanum, sandalwood and vetiver)

I ordered Flirty She Corpse and Mordred's Passion for this year's splurge!

Re: Fall and Halloween Retour 2019!

Posted: Fri Oct 25, 2019 9:11 am
by marisaviola
Thank you for that list, Minh! I need to re-check my decant vials to see if I got Gibbous last year. I ordered some more decants this year and they are just coming in, but I don't think that was among them.

Those are great choices for the splurge purchase! I thought I would see which ones call to me and also splurge on a few, that is such a great savings, and very grateful to Jennie and Tom for that.

Oh, the Scent of Night! I love it so much, please never discontinue it!

Re: Fall and Halloween Retour 2019!

Posted: Fri Oct 25, 2019 1:54 pm
by marisaviola
I just got my Halloween Retour decants from Angi and Ajevie! I thought I would give quick initial impressions for others, though keeping in mind they've not had time to rest and nor have I tried them on my skin, these are vial impressions.

1) Drama Queen: "lack fig and a hint of hemp. Dark galbanum and a side of black fern. A small amount of a tarry black musk blend. Wildly sexy, the kind of thing to stir up a ruckus. Wear this if you want to be noticed." This smells like a deep black musk perfume, which Fabienne created so skillfully--the fig gives it richness and the galbanum gives it a bit of greenness and depth (and Fabienne also handled galbanum very skillfully). I like it, and definitely will be coming back to this one.

2) Dark: "“She walks in beauty as does the night…” A thick and perfumy blend with a heavy dose of Frankincense to start off, black musk and fig. No greenery with it but a good layer of an almost burnt sugar and an animalic undercurrent which somehow becomes very light and sweet when breathed out. As mercurial as darkness but still with such great charm that it is hard to say that it’s anything but ravishing." This is a somewhat sweet, resiny scent with some unexpected almond in it--maybe it's what she's referring to with the "almost burnt sugar and animalic undercurrent" that is coming across that way. It's not gourmand marzipan candy or anything like that, more like a bit of almond extract blended with the fig and musk.

3) Duat: "Thick blackest vanilla combines with the scent of earth (not the loamy sort but more flinty), a bit papery and with the fragrance of the last bits of light and incense. Strong and a bit fraught with danger…rather thrilling. Oriental, resin, incense." This is one that probably needs to rest to do it justice. I am not currently picking up on much incense or the paper, nor really the earth but more of the almost fruity rich vanilla and something a bit sweet in it.

4) FrankenScent: "Frankincense in three forms is the beginning of this blend, VERY strong belt of Frankincense indeed! Oude, thick green musk, a grand spice melange, and a hint of sandalwood. Very strong and very long lasting. Slightly animalic but in the sexiest way." I can smell the frankincense strongly, that as she said is a strong note in this, and I can smell the oude, maybe a bit of incense and some musk, the sandalwood in this right now is not really coming across to me. It's a very nice resiny blend if you like a good frankincense type blend.

5) The Dark Woods: "A dry, bitter, beautiful perfume perfect for roaming the halls of Hell searching for your lost love, or lost obsession. This is the stuff of supreme longing and fitting for the first whiff of the place where you know you will find what you ache for. Bitter oak gall and rue combine with dandelion milk, pepper, and sandalwood." I love this, even at first sniff, the herbs in this are lovely, almost giving the dark bitter green impression that galbanum does but a bit more complex, with not a lot of spice showing up yet (the pepper does not stand out) and some wood in the background, but it's not really registering as one type or another yet to me. This to me is one of Fabienne's more classically structured scents similar to her chypres. I think this will age well. I will definitely consider a full bottle of this one.

6) Funeral Dirge: "Dried leaves, brown musk, molasses liquor, dandelion, tomato leaf, and violet leaf. This is a dignified and poignant blend, yes it is haunting and alluring at the same time." I can see why Minh Scent spoke highly of this one--very autumn, with the leaves, a very good note for that, very plant-matter and ground without being dirt or super earthy, and the brown musk anchoring everything well. I like it! This is not just linear, it's a complex blend.

7) Dead Man's Curve: "Notes of Dead Man’s Curve (Jan & Dean) make me think of Jimmy Dean and that self destructive all for love thing that we all have deep down inside. Turmeric and ginger, Pink peppercorn and a big wallop of darkest patchouli and a dot of vetiver. A deadly beauty, unstable but earthy, pleasantly volatile. 100% Natural." I love this one because I love these notes and they're well blended here--the pepper is present but not overbearing, but it gives it a zing, I can smell the ginger and turmeric (but it's not like Indian restaurant) and the vetiver is the deep and dark kind that I love. It does have a bit of volatile feel I think due to the spices but it's not at all cinnamon or clove-like, it's more just a bit zesty but not in the least foody. I look forward to seeing how this ages, I think it will be a beautiful blend.
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Re: Fall and Halloween Retour 2019!

Posted: Fri Oct 25, 2019 11:07 pm
by Minh Scent lucky your decants came in! Thank you for your reviews, Marisaviola! I also join the choir of "Don't discontinue Scent of Night" chorus!
I also always look twice at any of Fabienne's perfumes with galbanum. She knew how to use that note. Hmm, Drama Queen and Dark Woods both sound like something up my alley.

I didn't even bother to order the autumn ones, because they would get here after the fact! (However, I did get quite a few Yule ones still on the Ajevie site...which have shipped and will be timely!) However, I just remembered I have testers from last year (which arrived after the fact!) and I can get to those now. What a joyful weekend past time!

Black Annis ( Star Anise, black anise, fennel, absinthe, smoked licorice, and sweet black dry licorice) If you like licorice, this is the perfume for you. I have been wearing it for the past few hours and can't stop sniffing my wrist. I swear there is some vanilla in here, but it is not listed, but perhaps that is the "sweet" part. I have to death match it this afternoon to my beloved Silver Licorice to see if I really need a bottle or not.