This group of Yule scents was inspired by Dante who wrote Il Paradisio and another epic poem about Purgatory. Rich in tone, these are a wonderful combination of the most beautiful musks, fabulous resins, celestial coconuts with ferns, iris, candy, and the sweet imagination which Possets puts in all of their works.

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Re: Love

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wet: wow, gorgeous. a musk-esque smooth silk accord. Something exotic - must be the dragonsblood? This smells expensive and luxe.

drying: I get the comparison to Johnson & Johnson baby oil - I think it's the silk/musk/amber. This is very womanly and sexy - makes you want to touch the skin of the wearer. It's sophisticated and not bawdy, but it's very come hither. There's something that is a bit powdery - I'm guessing the amber is the culprit. It's pale rather than spicy as some ambers are.

full drydown: Skin musk made very sophisticated. Sweetish, skin musk, a whisper of amber, a hit of feminine powders and lotions. Elegant, smooth, sexy, pale. Your skin but oh so much better. This reminds me somewhat of 301, which is also musk-based, soft, and feminine.

This is decidely feminine on me. It seems to last a long long time.
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