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Illicit Affair

Posted: Fri Feb 07, 2014 6:22 pm
by Boudicca
Possets description: Clove and sandalwood, Nubian Musk and tabac. A beautiful smooth perfume with some lovely snap. Clove is used as a uniting force here. This is an aromatic scent, not harsh but it does demand attention. There is also a green component to this blend which keeps it from becoming too extreme.

Re: Illicit Affair

Posted: Wed Feb 19, 2014 1:16 pm
by Maya
Mmmmmmmm! This baffled me at first, but I quickly found myself being seduced. The clove is sweet, the sandalwood is similar to mmmm Net and Ank (ish), and the tobacco comes across as an almost dry chocolate. The mixture together is both zingy and smooth. Will update more after longer wear.

Re: Illicit Affair

Posted: Fri Feb 21, 2014 2:42 pm
by Atropos
Maya, I had this on my list of possibles for me. But I couldn't afford a decant of it, but I really like your review. I may have to take a chance on this one. I am definitely looking forward to your take on this as it ages.

Re: Illicit Affair

Posted: Thu Feb 27, 2014 3:36 pm
by Maya
Giving a better (longer) review on this one today:

In the bottle: herbal, tangy, with a camphorish edge, and a slight sweetening of the notes.

On my skin: leather (almost freshly tanned, but not quite), that herbal note, the camphor edge (very reminiscent of Nefertiti and Ank). The notes shift quickly, and go into both dry and damp tobacco leaves and are (I think) what may have been the initial leather edge mixed with that herbal note. The camphor begins to resolve down into sandalwood. A green bitter note winds through, but it softens almost immediately.

As it dries, this continues to feel so different than I expected. It's dry--but not too dry. It has a leather chair in a old (but very clean) library vibe with some sweet sandalwood thrown in. It also has a touch of plastic to my nose (hard plastic, not soft). I also still get a feel of herbs without getting any herbal note. Perhaps it's the green mixing with the bracing part of the sandalwood that is bringing that to me.

As it continues to dry: the clove begins to rise, but it's a soft clove. No freshly ground clove here (yet). Just soft and seductively weaving between the sandalwood, the green, and the leathery tobaccoish notes. The clove continues to come forward bit by bit and adds a touch of fresh clove while retaining the heart of baked clove. The plastic note is going away.

Totally dry on my skin, but still morphing: this softens and begins to deepen, but keeps a lighter touch. This is no heavy perfume, despite having some heavier notes and feel to it. As it begins to lift more off of the skin, the sandalwood weaves more around the clove, the tobacco softens and veers a little bit more toward freshly dried without being harsh, the green note also softens and weaves in and out (in fact, as this point, it's almost an aquatic green--like tender little shoots of grass on the first rainy day in spring), and the tone becomes even lighter. It feels almost delicate at this point, while still retaining its heavy-hitting notes.

I really like how the clove helps to soften and deepen this one. The sandalwood remains camphorish, but the aquatic green comes in and significantly helps to reduce any menthol overtones. This feels very spring-like. Correction: it feels very much like one of the first warm days in spring and going down to the edge of a stream where you watch for your love to come across the field from his library. He had a cake with clove in it before leaving, and you get the whiff of that as he approaches you, along with the scent of the leather he is wearing (boots, coat--something, but it's older and worn and not assertive in any way). He is wearing a cravat, of course (what proper rake wouldn't?), and the lingering smell of the sandalwood he keeps among his clothes to drive bugs away drifts toward you. You admire the glint of sun on his hair, and wait (impatiently) for him to cage you between himself and the first shoots of grass reaching toward the sky. You close your eyes and breath in all of the fragrances surrounding you. That is this perfume (at least on my left arm because on my right it's more masculine and zingy lol).

Re: Illicit Affair

Posted: Wed Mar 05, 2014 1:11 am
by gypsyjolie

Re: Illicit Affair

Posted: Wed Mar 05, 2014 1:13 am
by gypsyjolie
wet; tobacco and camphor. lightly sweet.

drying: lovely spice comes into the scent. I think the clove is what is reading as 'sweet' to my nose. There is a dry green herbal note too - note sure what I'd compare it to. Sweetgrass?

full drydown: The camphor burns off in a few minutes. This is a brown-smelling scent. The clove is lovely and strong in the throw. The herbal note is still there, as is the blonde tobacco. Sandalwood rounds out the scent, not the sharp or powdery kind, but the red sandalwood, crumbling and exotic. This is rich and masculine, in the way that a gentlemen's club with leather chairs and wood paneling is masculine. It smells dry and yet luxurious. All deep notes but airy clove keeps it from feeling heavy. Fabienne is such a genius with clove!

I get the leather associations of this scent, but I don't smell a leather accord here. I think it's the tobacco at play. This is masculine, but in a warm spice way that makes it very wearable for a woman as well. this feels like a cold weather perfume to me - very gorgeous and rich and warm and comforting. Nice throw.

Fans of the Gingerbreads and spice perfumes, take note and try this one!
I'm getting a big bottle to share with the DH.

Re: Illicit Affair

Posted: Tue Mar 11, 2014 3:26 pm
by Boudicca
This is not quite what I expected. I tend to really amp clove and I barely get it here. It started out all sandalwood and that "green component" so it was surprisingly fresh for something where I expected clove. A little more masculine than I would like, though usually I don't have a problem with masculine at all.
Then musk and sandalwood. After a while, I could just detect the clove underneath that.
Then the tabac finally made an appearance. Nice. Vaguely herbal.
Now I seem to be amping the musk and it's more perfume-y and unisex. The clove is still really subtle on me.
ETA: This juice has some killer longevity on me. At this point it is a lot sweeter, though still not much in the way of cloves. Nice, though! Very nice!
Contender maybe?

Re: Illicit Affair

Posted: Tue Apr 04, 2017 10:23 pm
by Narcisse
This is more what I was hoping for when I ordered Guinevere. That one went all clove and forest on me. This one does have an herbal, almost, element; it is not Green Man lurking in the background watching the fertility rite. I do get a cake like aspect of this that reminds me of MLF but it is much sweeter than MLF and there is the green element Fabienne mentions but reminds me almost of an aquatic. For the record I also get that from Indigo so if that one does not go 90's men's cologne then you will have no issue. It is definitely a scent I would wear when I want something more "clean" maybe it reminds me of Irish Spring my dad always used and that is where the association comes from. I get the idea of the gentleman lover greeting you on the moors and as it wears down I do get much more of a clove cake vibe with hints of cologne. I suppose for me it would be wearing his shirt and the cake I made for our picnic is cooling and I get a faint hint of the scent lingering. For those worried about excessive clove it is not strong at all almost unnoticeable but to hint at sweets and spice.