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Re: Casseopia

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sillageslut wrote:A big thank-you to Whiskerswhispers for selling me her decant. I just knew I would love this. Casseopia is very incensey but with a little touch of class. The musks are just perfect, they do not move into headshop territory but I also like headshop scents. The spikenard and cumin lend a some spice. This is my kind of incense! I don't mind nag champa but it is not one I go to very often. This isn't churchy but it isn't nag champa mid-eastern incenses either. If you take the offertory fruits out of Midnight Mass at Old St. Mary's and added 1:1 Taurus Hedonistes, I think it might be close. All my scents with spikenard or cumin have been winners for me, who knew. I will definitely put a large bottle on my retour list and I will gladly wear it with my jeans. Casseopia can sex up my jeans and boots. The Night Sky was such an amazing collection, it is a shame that usually only three scents per collection are added to the permanent catalog, but I understand why. Of the 13 scents in this collection I've tried, I would purchase 11 again.
This was one of the outstanding ones to me from the Night Sky collection. I had hoped it would squeeze into the permanents, but at least I have a bottle to last me til retour. Or I should say hopefully it'll last, since I don't know how long it will be til the next retour!
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Re: Casseopia

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This one is heavy on me, and hasn't gotten a lot of wear, but I suspect it's going to age to gorgeous. It's very deep and beautiful.
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Re: Casseopia

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Random grab for Day 20 of the 30 Day Challenge. I do not wear this one enough, obviously. Couldn't remember the description so thoughts follow:

Hmmmm, a little animalic. I love animalic! It's not overwhelmingly so, though. Just a wee bit.
Sexy, sexy musks. Dark musks.
Just a wee bit sweet?
This one has aged really beautifully!
Just wow.
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