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Fornax the Furnace of Love

Posted: Thu May 01, 2014 5:39 pm
by Boudicca
Possets description:
Meant to be a double entendre, the Furnace of Love means business. Like a fire, there is a definite beginning, middle and end of this perfume. The top note is a strong and almost electric almond which burns as bright as the kindling of a new fire. Then it cozies down to cinnamon, and a really boozy vanilla, a hard shot of musk finishes it off. Very sexy, great for a date night which stretches into a much longer time frame.

Re: Fornax the Furnace of Love

Posted: Tue May 27, 2014 10:23 pm
by Chime
wet on skin: very very cinnamon. warm , sweetish. very piquant. hot like culinary spice. Never sharp or bracing - smooth from the start. softens as it dries and becomes brighter and more 'daring'. Not sure how to describe it.

I don't really get almonds from this, but yes this is very electric simmering fragrance. Unfortunately, my skin is too sensitive for it =(

The final dry down , I am not sure hot describe it. It loses the cinnamon character and becomes something warm-spicy-unisex and sweet! The final dry down is WOW!

Re: Fornax the Furnace of Love

Posted: Wed Jun 04, 2014 11:40 pm
by gypsyjolie
furnace indeed - I got the initial blast of almond, then the cinnamon raised red welts on my wrists. Too bad, it smelled quite yummy.

Re: Fornax the Furnace of Love

Posted: Tue Sep 02, 2014 4:06 pm
by sillageslut
Holy cinnamon! This is like Bpal's Inferno or Eclipse on steroids. I wasn't thinking when I first put this on, so I went a little wild and slathered. I don't have sensitive skin at all and even I could feel my skin heat up, so I can see how it could be a huge problem with the almond and heavy cinnamon combination for others. I can only pick out the almond in the wet stage and then it is CINNAMON. I do love cinnamon scents but after a few months of aging this has become pretty much single note cinnamon. I will hang on to this for layering as I have with Guinevere which became single note clove after aging. I left the room to grab a cup of coffee and when I returned the whole room smelled of cinnamon. Now that's sillage! Fornax is also incredibly long lasting. If anyone is looking for a really strong cinnamon scent, this it it.

Re: Fornax the Furnace of Love

Posted: Wed Oct 23, 2019 3:45 pm
by MageLocusta
I'm amazed that this isn't from a winter collection (because this scent is perfect for cold, freezing weather!). I recently purchased a second-hand bottle from 2014, and to this day it still smells positively lovely (though keep in mind, I don't have any sensitivity to cinnamon oils--and much of my childhood and teenage years were spent eating Red Hots and cinnamon candies which definitely makes Fornax my kind of bag!).

Fornax definitely opens up as a 'blast' of heat. It doesn't smell like burning (or sizzling), but instead feels like opening a warm oven. Then I get the cinnamon note and musk, which really feels like 'red velvet' (like--the cinnamon and musk really blend together so seamlessly. I'm not sure if it's the perfume's ageing that did it, but I'm lovin' it!). This is a STRONG cinnamony scent, so I advise cinnamon-fans to absolutely try this (though it you only like a *little* cinnamon, best you go for Gingerbread Whorehouse instead!).

Almost immediately after I put this scent on, I then get a deliciously sweet lump of almond which smells a lot like English marzipan (probably thanks to the boozy vanilla!) which skirts around the cinnamon and musk. Normally, I amp sweet notes to the point that an almond+vanilla note would've completely taken over the fragrance--but the cinnamon and musk keeps it balanced, and I wind up smelling like Christmas throughout the whole day (but like a *fancy* Christmas--it really feels like a red ballgown (with almond ribbons & lace) in liquid form).

This definitely smells foody, yet sultry and classy at the same time! I'll be looking forward to buying a spare bottle come spring!