Sicily is awash in fragrances, some of the most famous are: lemon, blood orange, jasmine and bergamot, rosemary, myrtle, sage, basil, figs and cucumbers, coffee and pink pepper and sly violet. Possets plays with all those and brings in a few happy notes of our own to seduce your senses.

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Possets description:
Vespi means wasps, and it is also the name for a group of motor scooters which the streets of Palermo are so famous. This fragrance is all abuzz with fabulous citrus blend of lemon and grapefruit, the zest of a tomato leaf and pepper lounging in the background. This one is all excitement and daring, very sleek like a Mazzerati and commanding in the midst of all the heat that summer can rain down on you. A great invigorating perfume.
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Re: Vespi

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I ordered this with no reviews as it sounds yummy.

Fabienne was generous and sent me more than I was expecting. Thank you Fabienne!! :hrt::

I wanted so much to like this.

Wet: It is divine, the lemony fresh smell of citrus fruits piled up in a marketplace bin, very warm and fragrant under a hot Italian summer sun. The pepper and tomato is very much in the background. Heaven.

Dry: In 30 seconds it went from sublime to headache inducing cologne.

Good throw, but the pepper is too strong. It overwhelms the fruit, so for the last 4 hours all I can smell is sharp, cologne with just a hint of bitter citrus.

Perhaps some aging will soften the pepper? Right now, I have a headache and will need to wash this off.

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