Connor the Conure Parrot (2014)

Perfumes that benefit the Best Friends no-kill shelter in Utah. "These are sometimes bold, sometimes classic, sometimes experimental, sometimes beautifully gourmandy perfumes which I hope to capture the spirit of the animal for which it's named."

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Connor the Conure Parrot (2014)

Post by Boudicca »

Possets description:
Conner is a little green parrot whose googly eyes will steal your heart. Conner is a Conure Parrot! Just looking at him would make you smile. Conner is a bit timid, and he relies on His best friend, Ozzie, to be the "extrovert" of the duo. Conner's blend is a very happy one: spice cake pumpkin, thick marshmallow treats, and a secret ingredient which Connor whispered in our ear (yes, it is wicked indeed). Try this, you can't help but like it.
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Re: Connor the Conure Parrot (2014)

Post by Malaena »

Wet - Initially I get a blast of what I thought was cayenne but then thought better of it and decided it's ginger. Much like what BPAL's Pumpkin I does for me.

Drying - The ginger calms down and a toasty sweetness emerges. It's not like marshmallows but rather a passing thought of them. I get low throw for 3-4 hours and then it's a skin scent.

This one is not for me but I'd recommend it if you like ginger.
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