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Posted: Fri May 22, 2015 11:46 pm
by Minh Scent
Alright, I am going to start this broad and I am sure, passionate subject with a very unlikely candidate: The Girls Love Chai Chai Chai. It is a honey and tea scent, but it was the ROSE the morning after that had me order a bottle. I woke up from a night with the Girls, saying, "Where is that rose coming from?" and thought my husband put a fresh rose in the bedroom that I had somehow missed. The scent was that true. I love surprises!

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Posted: Mon Aug 31, 2015 7:45 am
by funkmoppet2
How fun, Minh! Sadly none of The Girls have ever worked on me, but a rose in the morning is a nice surprise. How terribly thoughtful of it!

Ah, rose. One of the few florals I like, but I still have a list of conditions. Love love love fresh red rose, the kind that smells like it still has drops of dew on it. I also enjoy pink rose, but haven't had much luck with yellow, and the mere mention of tea rose makes me flinch.

I've realised I don't actually own many rose blends, though. I enjoy Silver Roses, and really like The Pleiades and Frou Frou - all of which are frothy, girly creamy rose blends. I'm missing the florist's fridge in my collection, though. What are people's favourite rose blends?

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Posted: Mon Sep 07, 2015 5:01 pm
by Melian17
I ordered Woman during this past Retour, which is a deep, rich, sensuous rose. It feels like a velvety vampy red. A very special blend, I'm glad to have it in my collection.

There was another rosy Posset's that I used to have a sample of that reminded me of a vintage Caron perfume, but I can't for the life of me remember what it was:(

Are there any Possets rose that could be described as powdery? I love powdery scents even though I know most other people don't. They have a dense old-fashioned feel that I really enjoy.

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Posted: Wed Sep 09, 2015 9:55 am
by jackieo
Rose can be a death note on me. It can turn into a stinky grandma perfume so fast. However, Cygnus the Swan is a beautiful rose scent. I have to stop myself from wearing it every day.

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Posted: Mon Mar 26, 2018 8:39 pm
by Narcisse
If I were to set up the stage of life the Roses play out [that seem to share a similar rose base (maybe)]. It would go:
-Cygnus is a girl at her tenth birthday party. You mostly get faint sort of confetti fake flavored cake with a rose of sharon outside the window. If you are afraid of old lady powdery rose this is where you should start because you will get none of that here. It is lovely but entirely too saccharine for me although nothing goes sour albeit there is an element of "fake" scent in the frosting layer. It is very sweet but there is an airiness added to it also from the musk and the rose is more of an afterthought than an actual take center stage player.
-Isabella is this same girl on her 15th or 16th birthday. The rose is a fresh one and is mixed with a lovely creamy musk and this is like a society tea party for coming out scent. The rose and the musky creaminess are balanced and lovely but they are very much separate scents that happen to be present and augment each other. I also do get a hint of tea in this scent whose astringency helps the scent keep ingenue rather than Lolita. It is certainly not powdery or too sweet but it definitely feels more coquettish a rose than most.
-The Pleiades is this girl now transitioned into a mid to late twenties woman. The rose scent that was playing well with the musky cream scent is now fully combined. The roses in the two smell (Isabella and Pleiades) like the same base rose; IRL it reminds me of a hot pink hybrid tea rose that I used to walk past and smell, but real life and perfume's twain rarely meet, most people would categorize this as a red rose. It actually opens on me very similarly to how Woman does. The opening is very different and much richer than Isabella, but once you have worn into the dry down you notice the familiar cream musk vibe but it is so well blended into it, you might not know it was there. In Isabella you notice both the cream musk and the rose as if they have not yet grown into the same path yet. It adds an airy insouciant quality that has the confidence of a grown woman, sure of who she is and where she came from, but perfectly content to be her own individual. For anyone who tried Isabella and found it to be too creamy or sweet or even if the musk went off on you I would still try this one. It has the same component parts but is very different in structure and feel. This is definitely a more mature rose but still very vibrant and gentile. In fact, to most people not in the sniffing game, would most likely not even note it is a rose, just an scent that has a floral feel but also a freshness and green that never gets powdery or acrid. In this one, the scent of the components is almost inseparable, it is seamlessly blended for most of the wear at the vary end I get more of a musk than any other scent.
-Woman is the early to mid forties stage, very cougar/milf-esque. The rose opens deep and rich, there is a depth and strength that only really comes with age. She has the rich red scent of the rose from Isabella and Pleiades but this time she has much more expensive clothes and refined palate. This is the richness brought to her in the power of the patchouli and the vetiver, neither of which are overwhelmingly earthy or hippy. The vetiver is more of a rich cacao mixed with the fresh of the rose and the green depth of the patchouli, then there is the civet. It does add a great depth to it and a richness almost resin like... however on me it goes not quite right. It did the same with Besarabian Whorehouse I can appreciate the depth and feel of it but there is something about civet that goes heavy ylang ylang on me. I still recommend trying the scent completely and it is beautiful I just need to tame the civet edge but adding silver sandalwood. This is absolutely the scent of a fully assured woman who is in total control of her sexuality and powers of attraction. It is absolutely not a mature scent but I could absolutely see someone younger feeling it is a bit much of a statement. It is a powerful fragrance but I would have worn it at 15 or 25 and any other woman should too if they want. Fabienne was correct this is very much a powerful woman's sex scent dominatrix or otherwise. The richness of the rose is completely balanced by the depth of the earthier elements which afford it a more classic perfume feel and the civet does add a feral nuisance that is necessary.

As to the rose that encompasses the 30's still looking maybe someone else can help I only recently started down the rose path. I do, however; feel after scrutinizing many reviews, the rose element in these is connected if not, in fact, the exact same.

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Posted: Wed Jul 04, 2018 1:54 pm
by firebirdseeking
II also would love a powdery scent - I do like that, yes, I do...

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Posted: Thu Aug 02, 2018 7:31 pm
by Narcisse
They only rose I have tried that was powdery was The Enormous Rose from the Paradise collection but it was more powdered rose petals than rose scented powder. However I have found that mixing Dangerous Oil with Portrait of a Lady has been exquisite with many compliments on it. I realize that may offend purists but sometimes a scent just needs more to fit the mood you are in. Although PoaL is gorgeous on it own I sometimes just want a bit more sensuality from it and DO is very good at that especially since in tends to disappear on my skin very quickly. Another option that is more powdery in an Amber way is Thorns and All from I think the last Yule collection. It however does quickly dry down to an Amber very reminiscent of amethyst from the last great cocktail party. It is a GC so you can test that with ease by ordering a poppette from the collect. It opens all rose but about an hour or so in it becomes almost all Amber on me at least. Silver rose is lovely buy not really powdery but it is very much like all those w the silver base. If I find a more rose powder scent I will happily add to the list.