Asmodeous (the demon who kills bridegrooms)

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Re: Asmodeous (the demon who kills bridegrooms)

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Wet and in the vial, this is a buttery pumpkin and spice. Once on the skin, I immediately get the loveliest lavender as well, and both parts work surprisingly well together. The lavender cuts the butteriness and the spice resolves into cardamom. The cardamom and lavender are stunning together - the pumpkin fading back to be a warm, thick, baked good sort of scent underneath the brighter, thrill of the cardamom and lavender. The lavender is sweetish and herbal, one of the lavenders with lots of vanilla-y coumarin in it. This is far better than a strictly gourmand fragrance.

This mostly reminds me of Morgan LeFay, even though the components aren't the same. It's thick, dark, rich and spicy (cardamom-y instead of Morgan's clove)), but the musk keeps it at the edge of foody and sexy. The cardamom is really divine - keeping its green edge and staying airy. The lavender burns off quicker than I wish it would, but then again I catch sniffs of it later so maybe my nose just stops picking it out so well. The scent is warm, thick, and comforting, in the same way that Morgan Le Fay is. It's thick enough to seem to have patchouli at the base.

This scent has some middle of the road throw after the initial drydown, but lots and lots of longevity. It works great on me, but would be stunning on a guy too.

I think this is my second favorite of the collection (after Min Min!). Then Zombie. That's my three for the voting!
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