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Re: Mona Lisa

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I did want to add that I wore Mona Lisa two days ago and it was developing that more butterscotch note that ambers sometimes do. I still would not call Mona Lisa gourmand or sweet but I do not resonate with that note, and the coconut-like drydown note on my skin is very persistent. This time around I did smell the woods developing as before, but did not get the sense of the Eastern dry spices as much, which was a disappointment. The amber buttery note rather took over on me.

I just tried it yet again, to make sure I am conveying my experience as accurately as possible since I know people are wanting to vote! In the vial it seems predominantly amber to me. On my skin, the amber note is predominant when I first put it on. This time around I am smelling some woods and more spices than two day ago. Mona Lisa is a morpher and will likely develop new facets as it ages, also.
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