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Re: Review Requests and Random Stuff

Post by Boudicca »

Seconding the love for Maya's reviews, mini or otherwise! Especially since I'm getting a little crazy trying to decide what to order while the FFs are still up. Nothing like waiting til the last minute!
Maybe I'll splurge a little and call it a Fathers Day present to myself. As a single Mom, I'm allowed, right?

ETA: I figured it out and pulled the trigger. Yes, I splurged. Evita, George E, Isabella of France, and Mata Hari. Also, two permanents that I've been meaning to get bottles of FOREVER: Dark Sweet Crude - Texas (ha, in advance of the whole US of A this Summer) and Death.
Good thing my kid likes ramen, but even with that I might have to go on a no-buy for a while... oh well! I'll be ok and smell fabulous, lol!
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Re: Review Requests and Random Stuff

Post by Maya »

I wore one of these on Friday night to a movie. But since I blind grabbed, I don't know which one it is. All I know is I SMELLED SO GOOD, and I wanted to bite myself.

THIS IS THE POWER OF PERFUME, people. We become vampires. :rofl:
If you can't be a success, be a spectacular failure!
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