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When the Femmes Fatales came out, I was immediately curious about this one. I love lavender, and I love citrus (though lemon is usually my deal, but like seems like it would be such an interesting top note), so into the cart it goes. And I thought it might be a lovely summer scent, as I like in a place where our summers are brutally hot, and I need all the help I can get from a scent.
But upon a few wearings, this is just not working 100% for me. The lime and the musk at the beginning are a bit sharp, and combined with the slightly metallic tang that lavender can sometimes have, its a whole lotta sharp.
In Ms. de Poitiers favor, when the citrus dies down, it turns into a very lovely lavender, with a hint of something that could be vanilla, and its a very pleasant thing. But I need to wait a bit before it settles down. She's a lady it takes a little time to get to know.
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