Ode to Aphrodite Perfume Oil

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Ode to Aphrodite Perfume Oil

Post by Boudicca »

Ode to Aphrodite is one of the few complete poems by the poet Sappho. In it she pleads with the Goddess Aphrodite to help her persue a love interest. This fragrance is an homage to that poem and to the desire to have divine intervention in matters of the heart.

oakmoss, sandalwood, sage, citrus, Possets' synthetic ambergris accord.

Ode to Aphrodite

Iridescent-throned Aphrodite, deathless
Child of Zeus, wile-weaver, I now implore you,
Don't--I beg you, Lady--with pains and torments
Crush down my spirit,

But before if ever you've heard my pleadings
Then return, as once when you left your father's
Golden house; you yoked to your shining car your
Wing-whirring sparrows;

Skimming down the paths of the sky's bright ether
On they brought you over the earth's black bosom,
Swiftly--then you stood with a sudden brilliance,
Goddess, before me;

Deathless face alight with your smile, you asked me
What I suffered, who was my cause of anguish,
What would ease the pain of my frantic mind, and
Why had I called you

To my side: "And whom should Persuasion summon
Here, to soothe the sting of your passion this time?
Who is now abusing you, Sappho? Who is
Treating you cruelly?

Now she runs away, but she'll soon pursue you;
Gifts she now rejects--soon enough she'll give them;
Now she doesn't love you, but soon her heart will
Burn, though unwilling."

Come to me once more, and abate my torment;
Take the bitter care from my mind, and give me
All I long for; Lady, in all my battles
Fight as my comrade.
'Tis an ill wind that blows no minds
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Re: Ode to Aphrodite Perfume Oil

Post by Minh Scent »

First whiff on, a thick wash of sage, followed quickly by a very creamy, creamy sandalwood. I love this note and am puzzled by the milky quality, although no vanilla is listed in the notes. The oakmoss and ambergris are next to arrive, the citrus barely perceptible. The scent is an aquatic sandalwood. I am reminded of Fabienne's vanilla aquatic in Windmill at Wijkbij Duurstede not so much in how it smells, but because of its uniqueness. The oakmoss and ambergris seem to drift back and forth in terms of dominance.

I had to test Ode to Aphrodite four times before writing this. First wear, it was too aquatic, men's cologne-like for my taste. However, the beautiful sandal had me returning to it again and again. Today I am wearing it again and so intrigued by it. The men's cologne aspect has also receded, with the creamy sandalwood having more of a presence. It is a beautiful, complex perfume and I am pleased to have a full bottle of it.
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Re: Ode to Aphrodite Perfume Oil

Post by fireweaver »

I get the men's cologne aspect, as oakmoss tends to remind me of it. However as it dries down it becomes lovlier, more harmonious and a bit softer. I think it's the Ambergris smoothing everything together.
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