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Water Witch

Posted: Thu Jun 07, 2018 10:38 pm
by Boudicca
The name "Water Witch" has been associated with this blend since its initial development last year. The association between witches and Halloween indicated a Halloween 2018 release. We were wrong.

A Water Witch descended this Spring upon the Ohio River valley in the form of floods and torrential rains. This Witch has nothing to do with Halloween. She is a Spring Witch, full of the promise of the future blooms of flowers once she has has her way with the earth.

aquatic, salt, jasmine, mandarin, rosehip, underlying hint of animalic essences

Re: Water Witch

Posted: Tue Jul 10, 2018 11:12 am
by Minh Scent
Water Witch opens with a strong, pure jasmine note which is center stage for at least the first 20 minutes after application. The other notes start peeking out, particularly the salt, changing the scent into a classic aldehyde perfume to my nose, rather than an aquatic. It is light and fresh, with the pretty jasmine remaining til the very end.

Re: Water Witch

Posted: Tue Oct 02, 2018 9:44 pm
by Narcisse
Water Witch opens with a beautiful white floral element that is jasmine but there is an aquatic aspect underneath. If anyone has tried Alabama it is very similar to that in the opening. Unfortunately, as I live in New Orleans the jasmine is everywhere and as lovely and beautiful as I find it, it is often located near other "Quarter Funk" scents so it is now inexplicably in the order of sewer water deodorant. It is a rich and almost resinous scent that could be construed as soap like as it is a common additive to bath products. It is not a straight white floral; there are definitely musky elements in it that may be the vestiges of the aquatic or separate one that comes out after the initial jasmine/aqua blast. The scent has very good waft and longevity. I get a scent of lily in this, as well, similar to the one in Silver Lily. Very somber in feel from this one, like love lost in youth leading to haunting virginal phantoms hovering in the mist. I am not a floral perfume woman as a general rule simply because as much as I admire it, it is not me. This one is beautiful and the close up is much more the white succulent blossom and the waft is more jasmine/floral raw incense. It stays floral through out on me although it becomes less sugary and more elegant ladies talc from the 30's. If I were the Black Dahlia this is what I would smell like.