What should I wear today?

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Re: What should I wear today?

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Hey Margowhat! I tried to reply earlier and my tablet wasn't cooperating, story of my life! And I just haven't been on here as much as I'd like. I wound up going with Night on Bald Mountain. I love the way it starts with the leather then dries down to such a beautiful chypre.
Had a GREAT ride! It was hot as heck for mid September, like 90 plus. We were on the bike for 5 - 6 hours. Stopped for a bite to eat at a place in Stillwater right on the St. Croix river, it was great. Maybe the best day of my Summer. :hrt::
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Re: What should I wear today?

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Glad to hear it. That one sounds amazing! Should pick up a bottle before it goes away again.
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