Death Notes

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Death Notes

Post by Melian17 »

I'm curious to know what are your "death notes"? Notes that if they are listed in a perfume you run far away:)

Mine are:

Dragons blood
Nag champa
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Re: Death Notes

Post by Petticoats »

white oude (goes shrill on me)
cream (my chemistry turns it to salty butter)
tobacco (allergic)
grapefruit (goes aftershavey on me)
green tea (usually goes soapy on me)

Ones I have to be cautious about:
pink musk
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Re: Death Notes

Post by caith_possets »

My nopes are:
Star anise

The ones I'm cautious about:
Brown or burnt sugar
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Minh Scent
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Re: Death Notes

Post by Minh Scent »

No nopes.

Cautious about sources (civet, musk, endangered woods).

Prefer lemongrass and eucalyptus in oil burners, not perfume.
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Re: Death Notes

Post by funkmoppet2 »

My nemesis is clove.

Runner up is sugar, and pretty much anything with the word "pink" attached to it (eg: pink musk).

Everything else is a case-by-case basis, even (as I recently discovered) aged patchouli, which mostly fights with me, but has behaved in one (1) blend.

As far as straight-up dislikes go, I won't thank you for most florals.
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Re: Death Notes

Post by »

I don't have a lot of death notes but let me think:
The firsts that comes to mind is fig , banana and sometimes cherry and pear.
From spices I had problems with scents that had cumin and all spice
Brown sugar and some butter notes don't play nice with me too.
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Re: Death Notes

Post by jackieo »

My death notes

amber ( I love the scent of amber, but my skin chemistry turns it soapy)
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Re: Death Notes

Post by Maya »

Roses go terribly soapy on me, except for the yellow rose note in Texas and a few other hit and miss roses.

Jasmine also goes to soap.

I seem to amp clove and sandalwood, and I loved clove but it's starting to get to me (so sad because I love it). However, I love how the sandalwood works (so far, knock on wood) and I'm still okay with it.

Many chocolate notes go to a funky baby diaper mix on me (especially milk chocolate) so I tend to try those cautiously.

I'm also learning that white flowers can get screechy on me so I am becoming very cautious around them. Some of my favorite notes are gardenias and tuberose, but I'm finding some perfumes with those lately are going straight to weird plasticy high pitched funk. Is sad. Much sad.

Red musk just doesn't seem to work for me. I can wear it, but it goes into a weird candyish territory for me that I can't seem to adjust to, and seems to take over my skin and push away most of the other notes involved.

Nag champa is one I'm still trying to work around, too.
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Re: Death Notes

Post by sillageslut »

burnt sugar

Very scary notes
white oude
white amber
sugar accords
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Re: Death Notes

Post by woodenmango »

Maya wrote: I'm also learning that white flowers can get screechy on me so I am becoming very cautious around them.
Screechy! that is an excellent way to describe my feelings on white florals too I didn't have a word for it but now I do.

Death notes
Most florals: As mentioned above with white flowers most florals go screechy or soapy. Gardenia, carnation and sometimes poppy or violet seem to be the exception.

Roses: they can be either soapy or sometimes even fecal, it is so nasty

Cedar: It just amps and overwhelms everything, I start to smell like a cedar chest

Buttery/creamy notes: they make me feel queasy and/or give me a sinus headache

Aqua notes: these tend to go really soapy on me, the one exception so far has been Lachrymosa

Blueberry and pomegranate: They always amp to the front with a screechy quality to it It just makes me think of cheap candles

Cautious notes
Vanilla: I am learning that it just amps like crazy and sometimes it has a buttery feel, particularly bourbon vanillas. Tahitian vanilla seems to be okay though it is more fruity but it still overshadows everything else

Verivert: I used to hate it, particularly in BPAL blends it would just smell like burnt plastic to me but Fabienne seems to have a better hand at it and although I still find it bitter it intrigues me.

Chocolate: it seems to go all sticky sweet like baby spit, particularly if it is milk chocolate but I am hoping to find some nice dark chocolate blends where it works.

Amber: these can go very baby powdery but sometimes I get lucky and they are just sweet
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