30 Day Possets Challenge

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Minh Scent
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Re: 30 Day Possets Challenge

Post by Minh Scent » Mon Jul 06, 2015 8:05 am

1. Silver Sandalwood (reviewed in Note section)

Want to slatherer myself in Field of Reeds, but this is my chance to try those 30 Poppets I ordered instead of grabbing for a bottle!!

2. Gypsy Grave (reviewed)
3. Puti Riot (Yules 2014) (reviewed)
4. Heka (reviewed... Definitely magic!)
5. Paisley (First natural ever tried! Reviewed)
6. My Lovers Lips (reviewed)
7. Bar Sinister
8. Texas - Dark Sweet Crude (mmm, Fabienne's perfect rose!)
9 and 10 Oh, dear!!! Distracted and lost a few days :s:
11. Cygnus the Swan
12. Cambienne White Night
13. Dark Lady
14. 24 hours in transit!
15. Field of Reeds (to soothe myself!) Noted in "Notes- sandalwood"
16. Haiku Gauze Screen (in relentless search of osmanthus)
17. Ohio- Sticky Gooey Buckeye (got this because a review said it smells like Lush Nuts...yum yum!)
18. Fijian Broach
19. Cambienne Dark Festus (This is my first time trying this. It.is.so.beautiful.)
20. Arabian Dance
21. Diamond (so glad I got this- such a true grapefruit opening note!!) (Reviewed)
22. Chocolate Incense (Reviewed)
23. Shah Jahan and Mumtaz Mahal :hrt:: (Reviewed)
24. Ribbands (still making my way through the Yules!) (Reviewed)
25. Boughs (Yes!! Fresh!)
26. Nocturne (I see what the fuss is about!)
27.1812 Overture (ah, yes, hello, wood! And why didn't this make the permanent?)
28. Pacabel's Canon (ooh, orange vanilla!! Yum!)
29. Summer (Mucha) (Reviewed) (Vote for permanent!!!)
30.Meyer Lemon (What a surprise ending!!)

Well, I made it! Did not get through the many Poppets ordered, but did make a dent in the bottles. Faves of the 30 days- Field of Reeds, Summer (Mucha), Shah Jahan and Mumtaz Mahal with Diamond, Cambienne White Nights and Dark Festus coming in close. Special mention to Nocturne and Arabian Dance. And...HA! Now I sound like I do at the end of the school year when recognizing "outstanding" students. They are all winners!

Thank you, Boudicca, for orchestrating this and thank you Fabienne, for giving us so much in which to delight!
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Re: 30 Day Possets Challenge

Post by jackieo » Mon Jul 06, 2015 9:55 am

My Challenge list

1- Henry the VIII & Anne Boleyn.
2. Henry the VIII & Jane Seymour
3. Issota and Sigismundo
4. OAR Michelle
5. Cri de Coeur
6. The Arc of Venus
7. The Great Embracer
8. Garcia Lorca
9. Cybele
10. Arcturus
11. Alexander Pushkin--The Flower
12. No perfume migraine from hell.
13. same as above :gaah:
14. Gelato: Vaniglia
15. Love Amongst The Snow Dunes
16. Helen & Paris
17. Sex in a tree
18. Maderia
19. Phi
20. Utah
21. Purple Hayes
22. My Lovers Lips
23. Lavender Peypas
24. ??? I can't remember :gaah:
25. BBC
26. Lovechild- Cranbaby
27. Ponder
28. Queen of Sheba
29. Western Hills
30. Reba
31. Pippen

I think I will do a couple extra days for the days that I was sick
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Re: 30 Day Possets Challenge

Post by hill78 » Mon Jul 06, 2015 2:44 pm

Here is my list!

Day 1: the as yet unworn Pendant Mask. (Reviewed)
Day 2: will be Summer-Mucha (Reviewed)
Day 3: Hay Wain (Reviewed)
Day 4: trying Windmill again (already Reviewed)
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preternatural being
preternatural being
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Re: 30 Day Possets Challenge

Post by pink.dot » Mon Jul 06, 2015 3:39 pm

That's a great idea!
Reviews to come!

My list:
Day 1: Silver Roses, the last drop from my sample. I need a full bottle!
Day 2: Fascinator
Day 3: Death
Day 4: Sicily
Day 5: Fabienne
Day 6: Mt. Lookout
Day 7: 301
Day 8: Gelato: Fiore de Latte
Day 9: Sorrow
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Re: 30 Day Possets Challenge

Post by fireweaver » Mon Jul 06, 2015 5:09 pm

Day 1. Gauze screen.
Day 2. Sea's embrace, Maine.
Day 3. Fearful symmetry
Day 4. Arcturus
Day 5. Shah jahan & mumtaz mahal
Day 6. I grabbed the wrong bottle, so no possets
Day 7.Neptune already reviewed and still nope
Day 8. Morgan le fey
Day 9. Courtly love
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Re: 30 Day Possets Challenge

Post by katiushka » Mon Jul 06, 2015 7:38 pm

1: Ship of Fools (reviewed)
2: Lavender Corset (reviewed)
3: Sterling Swizzle Stick (reviewed)
4: The Seductive Jesuit. Didn't think I would like it, but I LOVE it!
5: Lullaby from "Hansel and Gretel" (reviewed)
6: Seascape - Turner (reviewed)
7: Russian Dance (reviewed)
8: Summer - Watteau (reviewed)
9: The Windmill at Wijk (reviewed)
10: Amethyst (reviewed)
11: Hay Wain (reviewed)
12: White Night (reviewed)
13: Romanee-Conti (reviewed)
14: Sea of Ice (reviewed)
15: The Swing - Fragonard (reviewed)
16: Diamond (reviewed)
17: Portrait of Christina of Denmark (reviewed)
18: Fijan Broach (reviewed)
19: Swoon (reviewed)
20: Romping Skyclad (reviewed...I think)
21: Candybox Pretty (reviewed. Got two compliments on this one today!)
22: Solid Gold Bangles (reviewed, but will update when I get a chance)
23: felt justified in wearing Solid Gold Bangles again, given how different my experience was now to when I first wore it
24: Summer - Watteau, because it was too hot to wear anything else
25: Ditto on above
26: Ditto on above
27: Girl With A Watering Can - Renoir
28: Madame X
29: Besarabian Whorehouse
30: Simulated Cupid
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Re: 30 Day Possets Challenge

Post by marisaviola » Tue Jul 07, 2015 5:47 pm

Hello, everyone, I'm excited to be part of the 30 Day Possets Challenge--it's been great to read the reviews that have been posted. I missed day 1, so I will begin with day 2 and then edit this post each day as suggested. My order of three bottles from the Summer of Elegance collection arrived yesterday, so I will be starting with those and posting reviews also.

Day 2: Summer (Mucha)--reviewed. I love it!
Day 3: Carnation, Lily, Lily, Rose (Sargent)-reviewed
Day 4: Bouquet a la Marechale (Sicilian Seduction Summer 2014)--reviewed
Day 5: Hortus--reviewed
Day 6: The Damned Flower--reviewed
Day 7: The Moon--reviewed
Day 8: Sweet Arabia
Day 9: Samarkand--reviewed
Day 10: Sex in Heaven
Day 11: The Arc of Venus
Day 12: Missed
Day 13: Flying Horse (Summer of Elegance 2015)--reviewed
Day 14: Landscape in Suffolk (Summer of Elegance)--reviewed
Day 15: Isabella
Day 16: Water Lilies (Monet) Summer of Elegance 2015--reviewed
Day 17: Dutch Adonis (Hals) Summer of Elegance--reviewed
Day 18: Silver Ginger--reviewed)
Day 19: Hwah-Teh's Mouse--refreshing!
Day 20: Courtly Love--reviewed
Day 21: The Shipman--ended up loving this one! Reviewed
Day 22: Morning Walk (Summer of Elegance 2015)--reviewed
Day 23: The Queen--reviewed
Day 24: Nefertiti and Akhenaten--reviewed
Day 25: Silver Violets--lovely violet note, great for layering, tried it alone and over "Jolie Madame" by Balmain
Day 26: Hatshepsut--loved, was a cooler day and good for trying this
Day 27: Birth of Venus (Summer of Elegance 2015)--reviewed
Day 28: Gypsy Grave--lovely and evocative, reminds me of a favorite Moroccan perfume
Day 29: Huile of Fortune--interesting, will try to review later
Day 30: Venus Black--beauteous, love it
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Re: 30 Day Possets Challenge

Post by Boudicca » Tue Jul 07, 2015 10:02 pm

1. [/i]Great Notary Public of Babylon[/i]
Day Two: Mayan Queen Bloodletting Sacrifice -- because nothing says "Elegance" like blood sacrifice!
I was really looking forward to trying this one. Initial application had me worried but I'm enjoying it. Off to review now!
Day Three: I was going to go with Pendant Mask but somehow strangely I swear I caught a whiff of leather in my computer room so I had to go with that. Which leather? Tough choice, I'm telling you. Wound up going with Silver Leather.
Day Four: Posting a little late here, need to be thinking about what to wear for Day Five. Anyway. Went with Void today which is still pretty much straight up grapefruit on me so I won't add a review. Still like it with Tam Dao.
Day Five: Howl, a favorite. Nothing to add to previous reviews. What more could I say?
Day Six: Pendant Mask. Guess I need to review this but I feel like my descriptive skills are lacking today.
Day Seven: Shah Jahan & Mumtaz Mahal I like this one on a hot day.
Day Eight: Theodora I've been neglecting this one. Forgot how beautiful it is.
Day Nine: Cri de Coeur. Really nice for Summer.
Day Ten: Wraith. Don't think I've really gave this a proper test before. ETA: I'm not getting all the cake and whatnot I've seen in the reviews. Mostly musks on me. Reminds me a bit of The Moon
Day Eleven: Georgetown which I received from the lovely and talented Petticoats :hug:
Day Twelve: Capezzoli di Venere. Damn, I smelled yummy!
Day Thirteen: Lord Byron - She Walks in Beauty Like the Night. I find this one really sexy on a hot day like today.
Day Fourteen: Bad Habit
Day Fifteen: The Great Housewife of Babylon. This was my first FB
Day Sixteen: The Smell of Money. Feeling hopeful? Or threatened? Seemed like the thing -- job uncertainties.
Day Seventeen: Hophead. Needed. Caffeine. BADLY. Next best thing maybe.
Day Eighteen: Wet Affair. Wanted something fun. This one is :)
Day Nineteen: Putti Riot. See above. Also, they both remind me of bubblegum but they don't smell alike. Different aspects of bubblegum??
Day Twenty: Casseopia. This one is a wee bit animalic on me today. Love it!
Day Twenty-0ne: The Whirlwind of Lust :hrt::
Day Twenty-Two: Maharani of Kuch-Bahar
Day Twenty-Three: Erato's Cat. Had to wear at *least* one Cambienne for this.
Day Twenty-Four: Heathcliff and Cathy which was pretty much gone by the time I got home for work so I freshened up with The Damned
. So lovely!
Day Twenty-Five: 3:5:8. Should've been voted permanent :)
Day Twenty-Six: Cambienne - White Night. Really nice for warm weather.
Day Twenty-Seven: Cupid & Psyche. A lot of people got much more incense from this one than I do so I layered with Silver Incense and the result was gorgeous!
Day Twenty-Eight: Black River. I seem to have been on a mini-incense kick.
Day Twenty-Nine: Abraxas. Because I was running late for work and I have a poppet in my desk drawer.
Day Thirty! The Seductive Jesuit. I needed coffee this AM. This one is aging so nicely! Sillage and longevity kick ass too.
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preternatural being
preternatural being
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Re: 30 Day Possets Challenge

Post by woodenmango » Wed Jul 08, 2015 8:42 am

(I have moved this so that I can be on the same page as all of you. :rose4u: It was lonely back there. )

Day1: Illusion (Falisifiers)- Reviewed.
Day 2: Night On Bald Mountain And Silver Incense - I tried Bald Mountain for the first time this morning but wasn't really loving it and didn't feel like wearing it all day so scrubbed it and put Silver Incense on. Reviewed both.
Day 3: Tipsy- Previously reviewed, Might update it later.
Day 4: Arc of Venus- Reviewed
Day 5: Bacchante- Reviewed
Day 6: none I am afraid. I was digging around at a farm and didn't want to attract bees.
Day 7: Indigo- Reviewed.
Day 8: Arizona: Sage and Honeycomb. - Reviewed
Day 9: Fitness Fragrance: Vim- Updated my previous review
Day 10: Orpheus in the Underworld - previously reviewed
Day 11: Pre-raphaelite seductress- Previously reviewed. This might have been abit too heavy and spicey for a summer day...ah well.
Day 12: Churpz - Reviewed
Day 13: Gypsy's Grave - Previously reviewed.
Day 14: Diamond- Previously reviewed. Ah this is so wonderfully fresh and summery! I think I might wear it everyday once the challenge is over!
Day 15: Cambienne: Brut Champagne- Previously Reviewed
Day 16: Haiku Gauze Screen - Reviewed
Day 17: Cri De Coeur - Reviewed
Day 18: Flight of the Bumblebee- Previously reviewed, might update it later
Day 19: Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy and Midnight Mass at Ol St, Marys- Bothe previously reviewed. I tried dance of the sugar plum this morning but wasnt really feeling it so I layered midnight mass ontop. Really nice combo.
Day 20: Cootie: reviewed
Dat 21: Dance with me reviewed
Day 22: Custance: Reviewed
Day 23: Silver leather and Romping Slyclad: IPreviously reviewed romping skyclad,newly reviewed silver leather. Another one of those days where the first scent just wasn,t doing it for me.
Day 24: Solid Gold Bangles- Reviewed
Day 25: Sweet Arabia: Previously reviewed
Day 26: Courtly Love : reviewed
Day 27: Alaska- Shimmering crystals and midnght - reviewed
Day 28: Dracula Rising- mmm earth and fig. Previously reviewed
Day 29: The countess: reviewed
Day 30!!!: Romanee Conti reviewed

DONE! That was fun :D
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Re: 30 Day Possets Challenge

Post by gypsyjolie » Wed Jul 08, 2015 11:16 am

Day 1: Halo (previously reviewed)
Day 2: Mountain (previously reviewed). I forgot how much I loved this scent! Blueberry :hrt::
Day 3: Dance With Me
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