Suggestions/fantasies/ideas for new scents

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Re: Suggestions/fantasies/ideas for new scents

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It's dreary/rainy here again today in MN and it being Friday I stopped by the liquor store (I think the one cashier is kind of hot for me and it's kind of mutual) after work to grab some whiskey.
I've mentioned the damned fragrance ban at work so when I got home I was going through some poppets/decants/samples, some from OCYL. NEEDED to get some scent on! I have a sample pack from By Killian which included Single Malt. Oh my! Perfect. So I was thinking about whiskey notes and got out Forbidden Delight to compare and contrast. Much much much sweeter but oh I love both!
Where am I going with this? Minh Scent, take a guess?! (Can I tag Minh? I should know how this stuff works.)
Fantasy scent = Whiskey + BACON + leather!
So I layered on a little of the 3 1/2 Horsemen.
I don't know what I smell like other than freaking unique. Probably need a little more dry down. Asked the kid, he has a pretty good nose. He said it was "fine".
Will update when/if it evolves.
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