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Re: Lovechild - Sweetbaby

Post by Petticoats »

Minh Scent wrote:This was gifted with an order. Absolutely love it, especially as it is something I would never in a million years choose for myself. It is subtle, but warm from the vanilla. The whisper of lavender is just soft enough for a soothing lullaby. In fact, this is a scent I would wear to bed to welcome the pleasure of sleep.
This and Ponder are my favorite sleepytime Possets. So comforting and lovely, and not so assertive that they wake me up to enjoy them. :)
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Re: Lovechild - Sweetbaby

Post by anaengel »

This has twice been a sample sent to me by Fabienne. It came in my very first order and in my most recent one. Yes, the plan is to buy a bottle. Why; because it does help me sleep.
This is a very soft and fluffy lavender on me. There also is a lot of vanilla and amber in it, which is what I'm suspecting is the fluffy. It doesn't do much changing, but is just right for some nights. I really don't know long it lasts, because I keep choosing it on the nights where I've had a bad day and just need soft and comfort, then fall asleep quicker than if I had nothing on.
This is best paired for me with my warm black and white polka dot fuzzy socks, flannel pyjamas, and soft fuzzy blanket. It just calls for not so much luxurious fabrics, but the ones where they are soft and heavy. It's already starting to cling to my newest blanket, which is a fuzzy one. Yeah, I like it now. Maybe I just need lots of different lavenders to keep me from insomnia.
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Re: Lovechild - Sweetbaby

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I bought this because I suspected I'd like this. I love all the individual notes- I am firmly in camp vanilla, and make frequent excursions into camps lavender and amber. So I thought this would be pretty.
And it is. I've never smelled anything that smelled so soft before. This is innocence in a bottle, a puff of dream-cloud. A delicate sigh.
I find that I am completely, overwhelmingly calmed by this. I feel like I need to soak a scarf in it, and wear it on days that are trying.
I would recommend this for anyone else looking for sweet, soft, and dreamy.
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