Morgan le Fey

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Re: Morgan le Fey

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I've had my bottle since 2012. Earlier wearings ramped up the clove and patchouli and went brutally sour. As much as I wanted to love it, I set it aside, bringing it out occasionally to try again. Today's wearing - a woman who has stopped at a bakery for a pumpkin spice latte and a cigarette. As it dries down, the cigarette is finished first, then the latte - leaving a sour, soapy musk on my skin with a hint of plasticine vanilla. I think if my skin didn't turn this into sour, soapy musk, I would wear it more frequently. I envy those this scent works for. It really is beautifully done. Sadly, Morgan and I may never be friends.
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Re: Morgan le Fey

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This is so beautiful! I sniffed blind and was surprised there was no tobacco in it, as first sniff gave a hint of it. On drydown, I get a rich gingerbread patch. Going on the "must have" bottle list!
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