The Arc of Venus

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Re: The Arc of Venus

Post by woodenmango »

in the vial this is very perfumey lavendar. Musks too I think. On initial application it becomes a sort of minty lavendar and something sort of sweet. I think I gradually get just hints of sandalwood. Also I think one of the musks is taking on a sort of coconut-ish vibe, which has happened to me before. Not the worst thing but it gives things an unexpected tropical sort of feel. As the day goes on is I dont really get sandalwood or lavendar anymore, just a non-foody, musky sweetness. Very pretty and feminine. Not usually my thing but I might hang out to it for softer days.
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Re: The Arc of Venus

Post by anardana »

I'm surprised by other reviews saying that this is feminine! Lavender is traditionally in men's cologne, and added with sandalwood and "grown-up" musk, I find this one very masculine. It smells great, but it smells like a businessman to me. I don't mean that in a bad way! It just isn't me.
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Re: The Arc of Venus

Post by PeculiarHeroine »

I associate certain flowers with certain feelings or ideas, and lavender has always been a casual natural elegance to me. Something very French, effortless and sophisticated to it. And I have been craving it lately.
Black lavender is right. This is the darkest, richest, earthiest lavender I have ever had the pleasure of smelling, and combined with the sandalwood this turns into something deep, rich, and sexy.
Sophistication in the most French way. I swear its got a note of mystery to it, which is keeping me facinated with my wrist.
There are going to be days when I do not feel grown up enough for this. But on the days that I do feel up for this, well, watch out world.
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