Illusion (Falsifiers)

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Re: Illusion (Falsifiers)

Post by Atropos »

I am glad this one made the list.
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Re: Illusion (Falsifiers)

Post by Zahira »

I love this. I've been wanting to try this one, and I was so glad I got it as a sample in my latest order. This is pretty straightforward on me as a sweet frankincensy pumpkin. Amazing. The frankincense in this one is kind of a woodsy/spicy one, and I don't get much of the tea at all, maybe it will come forth as it ages. Eventually it ends up being a sweet caramelized frankincense, with hints of pumpkin spice. God I love this one, and I have to buy a 10ml of this one right away, because my sample is going fast. This is really good layered with Gelato Vaniglia too.
preternatural being
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Re: Illusion (Falsifiers)

Post by stellamaris »

OK this is why it's so great to be able to come here to figure out what the heck I am smelling, it usually makes the experience better for me.
I thought I smelled coffee? in this, but clearly after reading and retesting that's the pumpkin. :tfb: yes, they smell similar right? No, but what can I say.
But this is awesome, whatever it is. It's surely super sweet, and that works for me. Lovely.
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Re: Illusion (Falsifiers)

Post by woodenmango »

In the vial this is very sweet and foody with a buttery caramel kind of thing going on which made me think that perhaps it would not be my thing. On initial application this warps quite dramatically and is very spicey with a mulled cider kind of vibe to it. Very much a fall scent and not really good for this summer weather. After a few hours the spiciness disappears and it's all brown sugar and pumpkin. Which is not really surprising given how I tend to amp sweetness. Thankfully it is not too sickly sweet but I am still not really wowed by the final results.
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