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Re: The Damned Flower

Posted: Wed Dec 23, 2015 6:40 pm
by Apollonia
I never would have chosen this one myself, but it was a included as a frosset and I'm so glad it was. How am I going to afford all these big bottle purchases???
This smells like the kind of sophisticated, classy woman I wish I was, so maybe if I slather it on, I'll eventually transform into her!
I don't really know what orris or myrtle smell like, but I second the person who said it had a Channel vibe. In the vial it almost had a headshop kind of smell (which I like), but on skin, it becomes an elegant floral that brings to mind refined mid-century ladies at an elegant cocktail party. It's definitely a powdered root rather than a fresh cut flower, but there's still a freshness to it (the myrtle maybe?) and it's sultry without being sexy. Not sure if this is a very good description, but if you like grown-up florals with a little mystery to them, this is worth a try for sure.

I just have to edit this review to rave about this. I'm wearing this again for the first time since I originally got it 3 weeks ago and it is even more beautiful. The dry down is now so soft and creamy and almost vanilla while still retaining the gentle orris. This perfume is such a work of art. Bravo, Fabienne.

Re: The Damned Flower

Posted: Thu Jan 21, 2016 1:04 am
by herparents
This isn't a scent that I would wear today, but it's definitely one that I want my mom to try, and will try to remember to re-visit in around 10 years :)

That said, this is one of the most mature and well-blended Possets I've smelled so far. It smells like a fancy French perfume that would sell for five times its going price. The florals are -- not powdery, I want to say rounded, smooth, and subdued rather than powdery -- and the violet and orris definitely dominate. Something -- the orris? -- lends a nice dry note to tie it all together. I just need this to be around in ten years when I'm finally mature to wear it!

Re: The Damned Flower

Posted: Mon May 30, 2016 1:04 pm
by warriortwo
It starts off with a fruity kick, like a succulent summer fruit. Not being familiar with iris, I can't say if that is the floral undertone, but it's quite soft and pretty. There is also a slightly resinous feel (is that what myrtle is doing?) that gives it just a tiny--tiny!--powdery edge. It reminds me of the kind of scent you would find in shampoo, or possibly at Lush (it is certainly strong like one of their scents). It's bold but also extremely feminine. Some people are calling it grown-up but I think of it as being a little younger and more modern than that. I imagine a young, family-oriented woman, a mom who still enjoys experimenting with makeup and pretty clothes, with gorgeous, shiny, long brown hair. She's got energy and a great smile, she's kind and generous, some might even call her sweet. That's who I think would have this as their signature scent.

Re: The Damned Flower

Posted: Sat May 05, 2018 6:19 am
by MageLocusta
So, I just received my vial today--and when I took my first sniff I was like, "IS THIS HOW POSSETS DO THEIR IRIS?!"

Seriously, this is a GORGEOUS take on that flower. Usually iris scents turn pretty heavy and soapy to my nose--but this feels so light and fresh (without even coming off as baby powder) while still giving a classy 'blue floral' vibe. On my skin, I get soft clouds of Iris, a bite of sweet orris root, a tiny hint of something green (like tiny crisp stems) and I *swear* there's something golden at the end.

I can definitely see a power-suit-wearing woman loving the hell out of this, but it's also wonderfully wearable as a 'jeans and a t-shirt' wear (it actually makes me think back to the 90s! Like I can see this being advertised in Seventeen magazine with a beautiful girl-next-door model wearing a blue denim jacket and a smile).

My only complaint is that for now, the sillage stays a little close to the skin (and at this point, I absolutely want it to waft around me. I practically want people to smell this even from affar, because it's THAT gorgeous). Thank you so much Tom and Jennie, for this fantastic fragrance!