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The Moon

Posted: Tue Dec 03, 2013 12:50 am
by Maya
Possets' description: Dante took a trip to Paradise. To get there he had to traverse the Solar System and passed the bodies which were known back in his day. The first one he encounters is the Moon, the "silvered orb which rules the night".

White long silky spun threads of 3 white musks combined with an almost creamy insinuation of white beeswax carrying a very sophisticated edge. Not a foody despite the sweetness of beeswax. This blend will intrigue you and tickle you at the same time, a little like falling in love. Somehow, this perfume which reminds me of ballet class when I was a small child beside being a killer sexy scent. Ethereal but warm. Very skin-like and sexily calming.

Re: The Moon

Posted: Fri Dec 13, 2013 5:57 pm
by hill78 thinks my nose or my skin don't care for white musk over much. This is very faint on me (which is unusual, my skin often amps beeswax, which I love). I get a light, powdery muskiness, a hint of soapiness. A little more beeswax the more it dries, but overall very faint. But I have 8 new scents here, so it may be my nose is just overwhelmed. I can see this being a very quiet, gentle fragrance. Very peaceful.

Re: The Moon

Posted: Mon Dec 16, 2013 8:46 pm
by Chime
This is light, warm and sweet in a non foody way.

I wasn't sure about this in the beginning as it was all musk, and the scent was very perfumy. Reminded me of the posset's silver base but stronger.

But as it dried down, the perfumy-ness went away, instead it is light-creamy and just a bit sweet. I can't tell this is beeswax specifically, just the general impression.
Very innocent like. Exactly what it says on the tin - the original description is bang on.

Re: The Moon

Posted: Thu Dec 19, 2013 9:44 am
by Narcisse
Initial application was very much the beeswax sweetness with musk underneath. After about 15 minutes it went to a phase that reminded me of making a snowman out of Ivory soap shavings. For the people who dislike even a hint of soapiness it didn't stay in that phase long about 15 minutes more (so 30 minutes total) it began to evolve to a scent that was aldehydesque. It stays very aldehyde (using the perfume scent family not the actual organic chem family definition) and airy with a light musky kiss of sweetness. It is a very light and the sweetness is more from a creamy,fatty nuance like you would find in separated coconut milk (there is no coconut aspect to the scent I use this only as a reference to the natural fatty creamy feel). It is a very ethereal scent like a loving spirit hovering around you. It has good throw and staying power for being such a light fragrance. Its definitely a beautiful fragrance and for people who have tried Lipstick on the Egg Nog Carton there is a hint of that lipstick edge in the scent. It would be a great scent for layering to soften up a more harsh or aggressive scent.

Re: The Moon

Posted: Sat Dec 21, 2013 10:26 pm
by Petticoats
I can definitely see why Maya said that posseteers who love Gauze Screen will probably enjoy The Moon. They have a similar soft, sweet quality that I am not going to be able to describe. It's a little creamy, almost, but with a gentle brightness.

The Moon is wonderfully lasting. It has a gently pungent note when wet and early in the dry-down, which makes me think of classic perfumes and possets like Alexander Pushkin's Flower. As time passes and it continues to dry down this just gets lovelier and somehow deeper. Soft, feminine, really versatile.

Re: The Moon

Posted: Thu Dec 26, 2013 12:48 pm
by willworkforvanilla
The collection is so special. It's just so good it's hard to pick out a clear winner for me. BUT I have to say Moon is climbing for maybe first position.

When you find a blend that makes you feel happy when you wear it then I would say that is a win, and so it is with the Moon.

Anything with beeswax notes makes me happy. Moon starts out with lots of beeswax. Lots of musks and some white floral as well (I think).

The reason why this scent makes me so happy is that it reminds me very much of the sanctuary of the church I grew up in. My Grandfather was a pastor and we practically lived at this church. It was an old rural church. The pews where probably at least 100 years old and taken care of by the elderly ladies of the flock. I'm sure they polished those massive pews with some sort of beeswax polish. Also on Sunday, while there really was no "rich" people in the congregation the ladies would wear their perfume and dress up in their prettiest dresses. The beeswax mixed with the various perfumes and the occasional lit candle to form the most unique church scent.

While I visited and been a member of many churches since then, none of them smell like my old church from childhood.

I am so glad this blend exists. It took me back to one of the most peaceful places of my childhood and brought back some long forgot but precious memories.

Big bottle? Yes please, right now.

Re: The Moon

Posted: Thu Dec 26, 2013 6:29 pm
by Maya
willworkforvanilla wrote:The collection is so special. It's just so good it's hard to pick out a clear winner for me. BUT I have to say Moon is climbing for maybe first position.
This one and Empyrean are in constant rotation for me. I did place another big order for some of the others so I can decide for sure, but this one has been a clear standout for me from first sniff. I adore this one. I've had some other friends try it, and they love it too. I will be heart-broken if this one does not make permanent. I also want Empyrean. I'm leaving the third space open for possibly Love or some of the others I just ordered. (I would love Bird's Nest in a Cowl to make it, but I doubt it will so I just resigned myself to buying a large bottle and waiting for retours for it lol.)

I agree. This one makes me happy. Just putting it on makes me happy. It's beautiful. Rich. Gorgeous. Super perfumey in a beautiful and soft way. I can't get enough of it.

Re: The Moon

Posted: Wed Jan 08, 2014 8:49 pm
by puck nc
Origin: Straight from Possets.

Initial Thoughts: Musk is a tricky note for me because I have to err on the side of light musk in order to avoid the amps from hell. I hadn't thought of the possibility of there being more than one white musk, so my curiosity was piqued.

In the Bottle: Creamy, very slightly vanilla skin. Cool and most definitely hella sexy.

Wet: Lots of beeswax with a light and gentle musk foundation. A gorgeously understated come-hither. (And apparently TOO understated. I shoved my hand under my husband's nose and he really couldn't detect anything. So quite probably skin musk.)

Drydown: It does fade somewhat into more generic skin musk territory. But it remains a very sophisticated and very subtle sexy scent.

Verdict: Keeping the bottle. I can definitely see myself wearing this.

Re: The Moon

Posted: Wed Jan 08, 2014 9:23 pm
by Petticoats
It's so interesting that the Moon is so subtle on you, puck nc, because on me it's the strongest Posset I've ever tried! I have to be really, really sparing with application. But I'm just as glad it's strong on me--I really like to be able to enjoy what I'm wearing.

Re: The Moon

Posted: Fri Jan 17, 2014 11:43 am
by Boudicca
Somehow, this perfume which reminds me of ballet class when I was a small child beside being a killer sexy scent. Ethereal but warm. Very skin-like and sexily calming.

This really says it for me. Driving to work this morning with a cloud of this wafting around me I was feeling very attractive and serene.