Wings of an Angel

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preternatural being
preternatural being
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Re: Wings of an Angel

Post by woodenmango »

Got this as a freebie with my first order. Very nice!

Out of the vial: Vanilla with a hind of mint. I would describe it as...bubbly.

On me: Boozy sort of vanilla. Not sure I get any musk and not sure what hawthorne smells like but I do like it. It's not very complex on me but I am starting to suspect that burbon vanilla loves my skin a little too much and just amps up to overpower everything else. This also happened with Bar Sinister but that got way too sweet and sickly, this is just right. :)
preternatural being
preternatural being
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Re: Wings of an Angel

Post by stellamaris »

:hrt:: Delicious. I surely get some mint here, but it's not prominent. Sweet, sugary, but the vanilla makes it very round. Smells almost like almond paste.
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Re: Wings of an Angel

Post by noddygirl1 »

Beautiful beautiful. wraps you in its marzapan wings...just wish it lasted longer.
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Re: Wings of an Angel

Post by Malaena »

Lightly vanilla, lightly minty. I generally hate mint but somehow I don't hate this one.
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Re: Wings of an Angel

Post by PeculiarHeroine »

I've held off on reviewing Wings of an Angel, because I wasn't quite sure what to say. Everything seemed reductive.
In terms of actual scent? This is lovely, a soft ethereal blend, with the hawthorn and the vanilla being the strongest notes, but neither dominating.
I know I say I love a lot of Possets perfumes, and I do, but this is a whole other level.
I have worn this on days I want to feel beautiful. I wore this on the day of my most stressful job review. I wore this today, when I was interviewing for a new job. I wear this to feel comfort, to feel strength, to feel a protective radiance around me.
Wings of an Angel is something beyond, and I love it most profoundly.
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