Seascape (Turner)

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Re: Seascape (Turner)

Post by Apollonia » Wed Dec 23, 2015 5:31 pm

Wow. This was a total surprise and gorgeous. I did not get any coconut from this at all. It was all aquatics and sea salt, almost a masculine cologne, on me which I loved. People worried about fruit, don't, it's the furtherest thing from fruit I could imagine. Definitely unisex, a guy or woman who prefers masculine scents could very easily wear this. It's summer here and this was just so refreshing and stimulating. It lasted for ages and had decent throw. I did start to amp the cannabis a little towards the end which have me a bit of a giggle. It wasn't strong, I just kept getting little ghost wiffs of something "green", but when I smelled my wrist it wasn't at all apparent. I love this and will be getting a big bottle for sure.

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