Arizona-Sage and Honeycomb (USA collection)

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Re: Arizona-Sage and Honeycomb (USA collection)

Post by herparents »

The honey note in this is perfect! Soft and golden and sweet. It's not artificial, drippy, squeezy-bear honey but not beeswaxy either; something in between. On me, it's about 70% honey and the rest is sage. I'm not the biggest fan of herbal notes but now I want to try more of Possets' honey perfumes.
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Re: Arizona-Sage and Honeycomb (USA collection)

Post by PeculiarHeroine »

Sage? I thought to myself. Honeycomb? Well, ok, lets give it a shot.
The desert, with its heat and too-open sky has never been my preferred biome, but I can appreciate the huge splendor of the thing.
This was a sample I got, and its been sitting neglected. Well, no more! My summer project is to wear my oils, and write reviews!
And this is just so gosh darn interesting. Its not in the least "sandy" or whatever a lesser perfumer might make to represent the desert. There are no trite things in "gold" or "sunlight" or whatever. Its just a clean, spare smell, thats somehow very comforting.
I may be a fruit, flowers and vanilla girl, but this is a refreshing addition to the stash.
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