List of Top Ten Posset's

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Re: List of Top Ten Posset's

Post by Minh Scent »

Summer (Mucha) must now be on this list. Not sure who it will replace. Sigh. I guess Howl. Whimper.

1. Midnight Mass at Old Saint Mary's
2. Seductive Jesuit (hmmm, met at St Mary's???)
3. Sweet Arabia
4. Hapshepsut
5. Field of Reeds
6. Nuut
7. Hopheads
8. Shah Jahan and Mumtaz Mahal
9. The Arrival of the Queen of Sheba
10. Howl

Hovering close by- Silver Carnation, Silver Sandalwood, Arabian Dance, Venus Black
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preternatural being
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Re: List of Top Ten Posset's

Post by woodenmango »

This is kind of an oldy but I really like the idea of it

1. Arabian Dance of the Nutcracker
2. Midnight Mass at Old St. Mary's
3. Issotta and Sigimundso
4. Sweet Arabia
5. Howl
6. Over the Rhine
7. Gypsy Grave
8. Arizona: Sage and Honeycomb
9. Indigo
10. Heka

1. Romping Skyclad
2. Dracula Rising
3. Orpheus in the Underworld
4. Venus of Wilendorf (100% natural)
5. Bacchante
6. Diamond
7. Lachrymosa
8. Silver Incense
9. Lester The Black Cat
10. Autumn (Vivaldi)
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Re: List of Top Ten Posset's

Post by jackieo »

jackieo wrote:My top ten..

Lovechild - Cranbaby
Cri de Couer
Gauze Screen
The Feather of Maat
The Great Embracer
T.S. Eliot--April Is The Cruelest Month
Mary Shelly

Boy this list has changed in a year

So my new favorites are

Lavender Peypas
Gelato: Vaniglia
Portrait of Jane Small
Henry VII & Jane Seymour
Cri de Couer
Pavane (Faure)
Cygnus the Swan
Dance with Me
Gauze Screen
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Re: List of Top Ten Posset's

Post by katiushka »

Strangely enough, only one Permanent has made my top 10. In no particular order (really depends on what I'm in the mood for):

Diamond (Spring 2015; ambergris, grapefruit, musk, saffron)
Venus of Willendorf (100% Natural) (Valentine's 2015; palmarosa, clementine, champagne)
Summer - Watteau (100% Natural) (Summer 2015; bergamot, Sicilian blood orange, clementine, spearmint)
Lavender Girl (Valentine's 2015; lavender, mint)
Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy (Yule 2014; fruit wine, violet, musk)
1812 Overture (Yule 2014; musk, oude, leather, sage, lime)
The Observatory (100% Natural) (Permanent)
Cambienne: Ice Crystal (earth, fir, snow, musk)
Cambienne: White Night (yuzu, grapefruit, musk, bitter orange, champagne, white tea, lavender, spikenard)
Candybox Pretty (Valentine's 2015; white flowers, tuberose, gardenia, musk, lemon, candlewax)
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