Wishlist for Apollonia

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Wishlist for Apollonia

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So many things to sniff and buy...

Permanents to try:
Field of Reeds
Shah Jahan and Mumtaz Mahal
Silver Amber
Wings of an Angel
Dies Israel
The Seductive Jesuit
Chocolate Insence
Sex in a Tree
Huile of Fortune
Min Min

LE to try:
Dirty Angel
Lady Hawk
Sea of Ice

Bottles to Buy from tested Poppets:
The Damned Flower

Notes of love: all vanillas, all woods, all resins, all musks, all teas, most spices, rose, carnation, gardenia, aquatics, chypre/fougere, coconut, orris/iris, patchouli, lemon and lime, basil, tobacco, leather, gourmands that aren't overly sweet or have other things going on with them.

Notes of dislike: strawberry, pomegranate, super-sweet and sugary scents

Deathnotes that do awful things on my skin: jasmine, melon, ozone, violet, anise, orange
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